Home Celebrity “Mad Men” Outrage: John Slattery and Jessica Pare Snubbed

This is a scandal: both John Slattery and Jessica Pare were snubbed by the Emmy Awards for their outstanding work on “Mad Men.” This is sort of unbelievable. First of all, Slattery–Roger Sterling’s acid trip was one of the two highlights of the season. It was a landmark episode. As well, Slattery’s delivery in every scene of every episode almost seems effortless. Slattery’s Sterling is maybe the best character on all of television, frankly. He’s as smooth and wry as well, whiskey and rye. It’s quite maddening that he’s been left out of the Emmys. At the same time, Jessica Pare nearly stole “Mad Men” and the spring TV season as Megan Draper. Her performance of “Zou Bisou Bisou” was maybe the most talked about moment of TV all season. For Slattery and Pare to be ignored means there’s some snafu at AMC. There’s some disconnect, that’s for sure. On Emmy night, these two should have their own party, and have statues presented to them.

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