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Macy’s is shooting a commercial for its fall campaign in the next couple of weeks. They need SAG extras to play the celebrities who are attached to the department store as celebrity endorsers. Luckily they know the height of all these people, In case you’re wondering, Justin Bieber has not grown much. He’s about the height of Tom Cruise according to Telsey and company’s casting notice:

CAMILLA ALVES 5 ft. 8 – 5 ft. 10in. (claim to fame–being Mrs. Matthew McConnaughey)


DONALD TRUMP 6 ft. 2in.- 6 ft. 3in.

SEAN COMBS 5 ft. 9 – 5 ft. 11in.

TAYLOR SWIFT 5 ft. 10in.

JUSTIN BIEBER 5 ft. – 7in.

CARLOS SANTANA 5 ft. 9in. 5 ft. 10in. – Shoulder length black hair.

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