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Justin Bieber is no doubt making money somewhere, but it’s not album sales. This last week, Bieber sold approximately 44,000 copies of “Believe.” He’s had a steady drop off from his debut of 373,000 copies. “Believe” has been a bust mostly, and its sales certainly aren’t enough to purchase a Fisker whatever that looks like a silver space ship. Bieber was arrested last week for speeding in an all electric Fisker. But sales of way less than a million copies– really just around 600,00 and that’s being kind–means he’s borrowing expensive cars at the very least. By the time he’s paid the record company, his entourage, band, songwriters, managers, etc, Bieber’s reality car could be a nice Mercedes. What he needs more than a car is a hit single on the radio.

The rest of the music biz is in a slump saleswise now that amazon.com has stopped its 99 cent sales. They are selling albums for $3.99, which is also bad. Here’s the forecast for tomorrow’s totals. Based on these numbers, I’d say “recoup” is not a word you’re hearing much in the accountants’ offices of rock stars:

Zac Brown 225k

Frank Ocean 130k

Bieber 44.2k

Maroon 5 43k

Katy Perry 41k

Chris Brown 40k

Linkin Park 36k

One Direction 35k

Adele 34k (lowest total she’s seen on this release)

Kenny Chesney 30k


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