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Steven Tyler, a inside source tells me, was low-balled out of his job at “American Idol.” “They’re low balling everyone with offers,” says the source. “With Steven, they didn’t care if he left. In his second year, they didn’t think he added anything.” So Tyler returns to Aerosmith, and he’ll be huge again. With Jennifer Lopez–my source says that “she’s ambivalent” about the offer that’s been made. Hence her comments on the “Today” show. She’s ready to walk away. “But she does love the show. It surprised her. It’s hard work, but she loves it. I think if they made her a reasonable offer, she’d consider staying.”

Randy Jackson–also got a lower than expected offer and is waiting for something from Fox that sounds better. I’m told he’s considering his options. Randy could leave “American Idol” now and do 100 things. He’s already doing 200 other things–producing, managing, working with Mariah Carey. Says my source: “Fox doesn’t realize the audience forms a relationship to the people, not the format. They love Randy and Jennifer.” And NBC’s “The Voice” is gaining on “AI.” What could “AI” do? Keep Randy and JLO, and bring back Paula Abdul. No kidding.


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