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What really happened to Rielle Hunter’s book called “What Really Happened?” Well, it was released on June 22nd. Three weeks later–or less than–it’s over. Dead. Kaput. Amazon has it ranked number 1,360. That’s one thousand three hundred sixty. So after “20/20” and ABC demolished her, John Edwards dumped her, and people were outraged by her comments about Elizabeth Edwards, Hunter is over. No regular publisher took the book, so a small indie house brought it out. Let’s hope they didn’t print too many. Hunter used Rosemarie Terenzio as her New York publicist. Terenzio is not known as a book publicist but she was John F. Kennedy Jr.’s assistant years ago at George magazine. This week Terenzio is making the rounds on TV pushing the paperback of her own book about John John and Carolyn Bessette. It’s called — or should be– “I Waited Long Enough, Now I’m Cashing In.” The actual paperback, “Fairy Tale Interrupted” is sitting at number 901 on amazon.com tonight. No one’s interested in this stuff because they smell something is sour. That’s at least reassuring. Is Rielle Hunter over? I’d say her next stop is “Celebrity Apprentice.” Just wait.

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