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Two things Tom Cruise doesn’t need right now: the stigma of having taken a little girl away from her mother. Amd having all his Scientology secrets spread out over the internet. If Cruise and his lawyers are capitulating, and settling, quickly with Katie Holmes, then it’s total victory for the Holmes family. I wrote this on July 2nd and I’ll say it again: Scientology has taken a beating in the last ten days. Much more investigation and public speculation could really damage them. David Miscavige has no doubt told Cruise to settle this matter and bring it to an end.

Holmes has been seen going to her New York lawyer’s office twice in two days. There’s no indication that Cruise has sent anyone here. What Cruise doesn’t want is a New York court date next week. Holmes’s father was brilliant if it was his idea to do everything here. You can’t get away with anything in New York because of the tabloid press. We’ve already seen Los Angeles “press” taking Tom’s side. The spin out there has begun. In New York, kids, we don’t play that game.

Tom Cruise should be happy to get supervised visitation and pay Katie to keep quiet, and let Suri live the life he’s let her grow accustomed to. He’d be smart to hook up with someone who’s already in the group, like Erika Christensen or Juliette Lewis. This foray into the real world has just been a huge mistake for him and for Scientology.

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