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I know this a buzzkill, but “The Amazing Spider Man” is not doing as well as its three predecessors from director Sam Raimi. The new movie has made a very nice $58.3 million in two and a half days. Sony is predicting a $120-$130 million take for the six day “weekend” ending on Sunday. (It started on Tuesday, the day before July 4.) But here are the numbers for the other “Spider Man” movies for their first six days: Spider Man 3 opened May 4, 2007: $176,161,954;
Spider Man 2 opened July 1,  $192,085,360; Spider Man: opened May 3, 2002: $144,156,124. Those numbers should be of some concern. The new Spider Man has a much higher ticket price because of 3D and/or IMAX. So the new movie’s actual number of attendees is lower, they’re just paying more. “Spider Man 2” was the real standout in that group, critically and financially. The reboot “Amazing” is well worth seeing and a lot of fun with great acting and terrific 3D and CGI. It’s a tribute to late producer Laura Ziskin and her legendary screenwriter husband, Alvin Sargent, who worked on this one, too. But the numbers look a little shaky. Maybe they’ll pick up over the weekend. It’s very hot out and cool in theaters. Plus, the competition is minimal.

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