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The original St. Patrick’s Chuch in Little Italy is right now having a mass that started at 5:30pm. The public was/is welcome. Then Mike Zimet’s security team will sweep everyone out for the Alec Baldwin wedding to Hilaria Thomas. There are guards everywhere, and metal blockades running up and down the narrow streets in front of the church. There’s a crowd at the back of the church, hoping to see Hilaria Thomas. There’s a small clutch of paparazzi in front, across the street, behind barricades. It’s 92 degrees outside, and threatening to rain. Inside the church there is no air conditioning. It will be the ‘hottest wedding of the year.’ There are nice white flowers in large sort of buckets within the entryway. There’s a box with black and silver laminated wrist bands–de riguer at a celebrity wedding. Maybe some people don’t get to go to the reception. There’s also a little tent inside the lobby, which might used as a ‘will call’ booth. There is no red carpet that is visible. They say two hundred people are expected at the church. The traffic will be backed up for miles on a Saturday night in Little Italy. No one seems to know where the reception is taking place, but it can’t be far away. Local pigeons are installed with video cameras for TMZ. (Just kidding, I think.) Along the street, people are eating gelato and shopping for shoes, unaware that a state event is about to take place. Mazel tov, as we say.

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