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People magazine is reporting–and apparently it’s confirmed–that Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise. This is like earth shaking news out of Hollywood. The pair met in April 2005, fell in love instantly, and Holmes left her family and friends for him. And I mean, left them high and dry. Holmes dumped her agent, manager, publicist, returned no calls from friends and basically became a Scientology inductee. She was shadowed by a Scientology monitor, Jessica Feshbach. whose family gives millions to Scientology. Holmes went from a promising career post – “Dawson’s Creek” and a hit indie film called “Pieces of April” to a series of disasters, small, bad films that no one took seriously. She married Cruise in 2006 and had baby Suri. Cruise’s last divorce divided his family. When he and Nicole Kidman split, he retained custody of their children Isabella and Connor. So now all eyes will be on this situation, as Cruise surely wants Suri raised as a Scientologist. At the time he met Holmes, she was a devout Catholic from a serious Catholic family. In the end, one of the things that divided him and Kidman was the Scientology-Catholic rift. This may have been the same thing. More to come…

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