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Justin Bieber’s reign at number 1 lasted one week. His “Believe” album had no legs as it turned out. Just a hair cut. Hitsdailydouble.com is predicting that “Believe” will drop from number 1 to number 3 by the time the sales week ends on Sunday. Bieber sold 373,000 copies in his debut week. But in the second week, the number will fall to between 125,000 to 150,000–at least 50% off. But readers of this column could have guessed that cosnidering our close examination of Bieber’s sales, especially through amazon.com. So what’s the new number 1? Linkin Park should come in with 230K to 250K. And second is Maroon 5, which has a hit single already in “Payphone.” They’ll do between 200K and 220K. Maroon 5 is a real success story im reinventing itself. Band leader Adam Levine is on “The Voice,” acting. and growing into a mainstream personality. Plus, the band scored a major hit last year with “Moves Like Jagger.” Congrats to Octone Records’ James Diener, who’s been with them from the start. As for Bieber, lack of substance is a major obstacle. My guess is he goes the Donny and Marie route, and hosts a variety show.

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