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Justin Bieber’s “Believe” album is a good news, bad news story. He had his best first week ever with a little over 373,000 units sold of the new CD. So that’s great, especially if you’re 18. On the other hand, after all that publicity, “Believe” was originally tipped at 410-420,000. So the total falls somewhat short of the expectation. “Believe” is also selling in at least one digital form for $4.99 on amazon.com. The main physical product, a deluxe edition, sells for $15.99 on amazon.com and is number 13 on the charts. With touring this fall and more singles, “Believe” will still make a lot of money for Bieber and his determined management team. But what comes next is the question. It’s the reason Justin Timberlake got out of music, I think. Aging teen idol is not a good look for anyone. Just ask David Cassidy. So the Beeb will have to figure out what to do with millions of dollars, not much education, and no particular purpose. Well, we should all have those problems! Swimming pools, Ferraris, and Magnums of Champagne aren’t so bad either!

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