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Alec Baldwin is now in the middle of a good one. Tonight is the movie premiere of Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love.” Will Baldwin show up at the Paris Theater, walk the red carpet, do the whole song and dance? Security is going to be tight as Baldwin got himself into a physical  altercation yesterday morning with photographers for the Daily News. There are pictures, and everyone is at fault. But the News is touting the story and it’s been picked up by everyone except…The New York Post.

That’s right. The hottest celebrity story in town, and the Post can’t touch it. Otherwise they’d be promoting the enemy. And they’d have to pay for use of the pics, even if the News would sell them a set. So in the Post, Baldwin’s story never happened. Which is funny, since he hates the Post. But now they’re his only safe haven. Meantime, Baldwin baits the News by sending nasty Tweets to editor Colin Myler referring to the News editor’s problems in the UK with phone hacking and News of the World.

You cannot make this up. And meanwhile, Woody and Sony Pictures Classics needs him for publicity today for “To Rome with Love.” And Alec is walking around the Upper West Side like Casper the Ghost, with a white sheet over his head, so he can’t be photographed. All this, and the temperature is supposed to hit 95 degrees today. Oh, baby.

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