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Woody Allen’s only biological child, known as Ronan Farrow, is supposed to be a genius. At 24, he’s already graduated from law school and works for the government in a high capacity. But his mother, Mia Farrow, has so successfully brainwashed him against his father that the kid’s smarts are in question. Yesterday he tweeted “Happy Father’s Day– or as they call it in my family, brother-in-law’s day.” Mia Farrow then re-tweeted the word “Boom.” I don’t know how Farrow can be proud of herself. She was hurt when Woody left with her adopted daughter, Soon Yi, in 1992.

But Soon Yi was not Woody’s adopted daughter. And no matter how wrong it was, or how much pain Farrow felt, she can’t deny the obvious: Allen and Soon Yi have been together for 20 years. They have two of their own children. Before the 1992 scandal and since, there’s never been any indication of anything untoward in Allen’s life. He’s lived quietly, made his movies, and had quite a bit of success. This must drive Farrow crazy. The fact that in the last year Woody had his most successful movie ever, “Midnight in Paris,” must have sent her around the bend. Now, a few days before Allen opens “To Rome with Love,” Farrow has forced her genius son to gain notoriety by sending out this Tweet.

If Ronan Farrow is such a genius, he’d better wake up and realize what his mother his doing to him. Or has done to him. Same for the children Woody adopted with Farrow. This kind of ugliness can only backfire on her. Ronan Farrow is supposed to be a Rhodes scholar. But he’s lacking common sense. At 24, he should be reaching out to Woody to get the real story. And not letting this embittered woman manipulate him. It’s tragic.

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  1. I think….that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it must be a duck. Or where there is smoke there is fire. This man has a history of dealing with inappropriately young women so my intuition tells me that he is guilty of what he is accused and then some.

  2. Oh pardon me, I see you are a reporter for Fox News. That explains everything! Mia being the anti-establishment Unicef ambassador and spokesperson for the downtrodden who adopted children from all over the world. How people like her must make you lie awake at night!!

  3. All your columns about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow are definitely pro Wood Allen. After all these years, kids usually come forward if a wrong has been done. Mia, at this point would have very little influence over these kids if what went on was not true. You need to quit this line of reasoning because it makes you look and seem like a jackass – which perhaps you are!

  4. Simply bc he’s lived a quiet life for 20 years does not mean that he is not guilty of the things he’s been accused of or that he does not continue to perpetrate crimes (whether moral or legal). It simply means, that no one has reported it – cld be many reasons why: easily subjugated, ignorant, frightened…Let’s not equate ‘living a quiet life’ with ‘not guilty of moral / legal transgressions’.

  5. Interestingly, Mia Farrow’s father, John Farrow, slept with Ava Gardner while she was still married to Frank Sinatra, whom Mia Farrow later (but not much later) also married.

    Woody Allen refused to attend family events with Mia and children, never lived with the family, and yet he’s supposed to have been a “stepfather” to Soon-Yi? I don’t think so.

    And what of the child molestation charges? Who can know? I don’t think they are true.

  6. For the life of me, I cannot understand how you’d take Woody Allen’s side in this, suggest there had been nothing “untoward” in his life before the scandal with Soon-Yi, or suggest that the moral condemnation in Ronan’s tweet betrays a genius level IQ or is even slightly inappropriate or unfounded. Let’s state a few facts as plainly as possible:

    1) Woody Allen had an affair with the daughter of his common law wife. In some state’s at the time, Soon Yi would have been classified as his step-daughter. This is morally outrageous, irrespective of how long the man has remained attached to a woman.

    2) Before the affair, Woody Allen faced molestation faced charges that he had molested another of Farrow’s daughter – Dylan. It was much publicized and caused considerable outrage, rendering completely false your statement that there had been nothing “untoward” in his life before the Soon-Yi debacle. Based on Dylan’s recent interviews and the Soon-Yi scandal, I have every reason to believe her – http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/10/03/mia-farrow-daughter-opens-up-about-alleged-child-molestation-from-woody-allen/?intcmp=obnetwork

    3) Ronan Farrow’s father had an affair with his sister. If that doesn’t make your stomach turn, your moral credibility is practically nil.

  7. Interesting comment from a fallow, i mean farrow mind. Look Rpnan, dude, keep your beef to yourself. I don’t need to hear about it. I’m not interested in any of these people’s private lives. The only reason I know about Woody Allen is because he is a brilliant filmaker.

  8. First of all, what son wouldn’t be horrified realizing that his father is a cheater? Secondly, Woody cheated with Ronan’s SISTER. Soon-Yi may not be Woody’s daughter, but she is definitely Ronan’s sister – to say that she is not a ‘real’ sister since she is adopted would be insulting to all adopted children and their families.

  9. I completely agree with all the comments. It doesn’t make him less intelligent but shows he has feelings. What his dad did was awful and Soon-Yi must be messed up in the head.

  10. Get real. No one will every be okay with their father taking up with their teenage sister. No matter how many years have gone by. No matter what your mother says or doesn’t say about the whole thing. It is unforgiveable. Adopted or biological, it does not matter. It is humiliating for your father to marry your sister. Life is not The Bold and the Beautiful. Woody Allen’s behavior was disgusting then and it is disgusting now. A man with a shred of character does not become invovled with his child’s siblings.

  11. Just because Ronan Farrow shares his mother’s opinion regarding Woody Allen’s inappropriate relationship with Soon Yi Previn does not make him any less intelligent. I don’t think he’s lacking common sense. It’s a shame he can’t have a relationship with his father but this happens. Just because this relationship has lasted 20+ years doesn’t make it any less wrong.

  12. But Allen was dating Mia for a long period, and even the PBS documentary done on Allen admitted he cheated on Farrow with Soon-Yi. Also how do you “know” Allen’s recent success drives Mia crazy?

  13. I respect this young man’s right to feel angry at his father for his behavior. I may or may not agree with it,but, he is allowed his feelings. I also don’t know that it is farrow who is controlling him this may be just the way he feels.

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