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I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say this has been Tom Cruise’s worst opening weekend for a movie in like, forever. Even the terrible “Valkyrie” and the mundane “Knight & Day” had better starts than “Rock of Ages” on Friday night. It took in $5.3 million, giving it a shot at a $16 million weekend. Each of those of other movies did much better, and of course the “Mission Impossible” movies dwarfed that number. Cruise got tagged as the “star” of “Rock of Ages” playing Stacee Jaxx, a moronic big haired rock singer of the Eighties. Cruise can’t sing, the movie is derivative, and the reviews have not been great. Altogether, “Rock of Ages” is a bust. From the opening scene of people singing along to “Sister Christian”–ripping off “Almost Famous”–you know we’re in trouble. For a rock singer with groupies, Cruise has not heat either. “Rock of Ages” doesn’t bode well for Cruise creating new characters. And his paycheck is barely covered by these proceeds. Meantime, Adam Sandler’s crappy “That’s My Boy” did even worse–a $4.6 million Friday, a weekend of $14 million if lucky. Will this stop him? I doubt it, and of course, “Grown Ups 2” is filming now.

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  1. Just caught this on HBO & if you all would’ve ignored the characters & listened to the music MAYBE you would have liked the movie better. It is obvious that all that I have read here are statements by people to YOUNG to know about this music!

  2. If you weren’t a teen in the ’80 then you won’t get it. I loved it and saw it 2x over the weekend. Every second was my life from 16 to 22. I don’t like Tom Cruise, but he was fine. I don’t like Russell Brand, but he was great. Alex Baldwin was hilarious. And the 2 “kids” were awesome. That was me and my rockstar boyfriends up on screen. I thought the singing was fine and Cruise did good. Lighten up and go with it. Not every movie needs to be a huge money maker or win an Oscar.

  3. That’ll teach em to crap all over our favorite songs. To most of us, those songs aren’t “campy”, like the movie treated them. Those songs are real to my generation. TC has no soul. Xenu took it.

  4. I went to see it….thought it was very funny. You DO realize it is a musical parody? It was well played by all involved, ESPECIALLY Cruise. Of course kids would rather see Madagascar 3!

  5. Hollywood really shows it’s arrogance when it thinks the public is so undiscerning that it will reflexively flock like lemmings to crap like this. I’ve only seen the trailer, but it reeked of some clueless Hollywood writer’s view of what the rock scene would be like if he knew anything about it, just like they depict real life like they wish it were rather than how it actually is. I was chin deep in it in the 70’s rock scene, and this apparent manipulative claptrap ain’t it. Alec Baldwin’s wig is all I need to tip me off to avoid having my intelligence insulted by this. If you crave something like this, watch “Spinal Tap” again to see something inspired.

  6. This was an excellent move. Cruise did a fabulous job and the move brings a few tears to the eye. It is too bad. I don’t think people know what it is about, Awesome.

  7. When will Hollywood realize Tom Cruise and the boyish charm he brought to the box office is over, He is going to be 50 next month and sooner or later he is going to have to take on “older” roles and leave the young roles for army of new talent that have followed him. Granted this part he played in Rock of Ages was for an “aging star”, but maybe that hits too close to home. We’ll see now if Cruise really is the “next Paul Newman” not just because he copied his auto racing hobby, but if he has what it takes to play older roles and actually make them work. This last flop should be telling him, “its time to change your game”.

  8. Hey jackass, this was the movie version of a stage production. The stage production itself was cheesy….it was supposed to be. That’s also what endeared it to its fans. Tom Cruise in particular did a great job with a silly role. Get over yourself.

  9. I’m still amazed that movie execs still think that Tom Cruise can draw a crowd. He’s a terrible actor, a cult member, and hasn’t really ever been in a good film. You may as well take all the money you spent on the movie and burn it. At least then you’d get light and warmth.

  10. “Valkyrie” was not “terrible”, it was awesomely historically accurate, painstakingly shot on location and to period, and is an important story about Germans who saw through the Nazis and tried to do something about despite the risks, which they all paid for with their lives. Maybe you mean purely in box office numbers, but at the end of Mr. Cruise’s career, “Valkyrie” will stand out as his most important movie and a service to Germans and peace everywhere. Aren’t you being a little flip and shallow, even for a fluff infotainment blurb? I found the movie extremely entertaining as well.

  11. Are we surprised.? Hollywood long ago lost an really good ideas in movie making. Seems to me that they are more interested in regurgirating great past releases whenever newer technology makes it ‘seem’ new..

  12. I was interested in Rock of Ages but avoided it because of extreme-liberal Alec Baldwin. I know others that avoided it for the same reason.
    We’re sick of these extremist, out-of-touch, propagandists.

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