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Our LEAH SYDNEY caught up with the legendary Woody Allen last night at the opening of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Woody and his cast premiered “To Rome with Love,” which opens on June 22nd.

LS-How do you feel about the rough and toughness of this business?

Woody- “I’m immune to it.  I’m immune to when my films don’t do well I never really care, and when they do well I don’t care.  I’ve kept myself out of that. I don’t have highs or lows. I just like to make the films and move on to the next film.  This one is opening and I’m already deeply involved in my next film.  I’ve moved on to the next film, this film is history to me.  “Midnight in Paris” is ancient history. So when they do well that’s great and if they don’t, well there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s not why I’m in the business.

LS-How much of your next film will be shot in New York?

Woody- “A little bit, the rest in San Francisco. “

LS-You know you’re obviously loved in New York and now as much in Los Angeles.

Woody- “I like that both coasts love me. Now if we can just get the middle of the country, I’m home free.”

At the Q&A following the screening. Woody told the crowd:

“I had a wonderful time making it, living in Italy, eating pasta and working with beautiful actresses and scintillating men.    If you do like it however, pressure Sony so they don’t put it in the witness protection program. So if you like the picture I’m thrilled, if you hate it and think it was a waste of time, don’t let me know because I get depressed easily.”

LAFF Festival Director Stephanie Allain told Leah about ‘the wow factor’ in getting Woody to come to LA.

“Kicking off the festival with Woody Allen couldn’t be cooler and bringing Woody to LA is a dream. I feel like we did it. Now we have ten more days of amazing movies, conversations, and music.  I’m thrilled that the LAFF is getting the recognition that it should.”

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