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Paul McCartney, the “cute” Beatle, underrated for many reasons, turns 70 on Monday, June 18th. What are his 10 best songs? WHat your ten favorites? Please send lists and birthday greetings ASAP to roger@showbiz411.com. We’ll post them all starting on Sunday night. And don’t forget to pick up the new “Ram” box set on amazon and other locations. Happy Birthhday, Paul!

Here’s a top 10 list from Showbiz411: 1. Another Day 2. All My Loving 3. Band on the Run 4. Daytime Nighttime Suffering 5. Can’t Buy Me Love 6. For No One 7. Eleanor Rigby 8. Oh Darling 9. My Brave Face 10. Hey Jude.

The best three lists–chosen subjectively–will win a remastered copy of “Ram” courtesy of Concord Records. Cut off is Monday, June 18th at 5pm Eastern.

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  1. Happy Bday to greatest songwriters of their generation (on my list anyway) Paul (18th) & Brian Wilson (20th).

    My top 10 McCartney list

    1. Eleanor Rigby
    2. Hey Jude
    3. Let It Be
    4. Maybe I’m Amazed
    5. My Love
    6. Blackbird
    7. Arrow Through Me
    8. Come On People
    9. Fool on the Hill
    10. Let ‘Em In

  2. Happy birthday Paul, the world is a better place thanks to inspirational people such as yourself.

    Although very difficult to knock down from a top 30, my top 10 in no particular order outside of age:
    P.S. I Love You
    And I Love Her
    Things We Said Today
    Hey Jude
    Let It Be
    Another Day
    Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    Silly Love Songs
    This One

  3. Paul has been and always will be my musical inspiration! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! You still can rock!

    My favorite 10 songs are:
    1. My Love
    2. Band on the Run
    3. My Brave Face
    4. Figure of Eight
    5. Jet
    6. Picasso’s Last Words
    7. Maybe I’m Amazed
    8. Hope of Deliverance
    9. Come and Get It
    10. Sing the Changes

  4. 1.Hey Jude 2.Elenor Rigby 3.Let it be 4. Yesterday 5. Penny Lane 6. Dear boy 7.Mull of Kyntre 8. Mr Bellamy 9. I´m looking through you 10. For no one

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