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Madonna knows how to get publicity, and she’s using all the tricks in her book. On  stage in Istanbul  this week, she purposely bared a nipple. The result is a viral video. After the nipple is presented, she turns her back to the crowd. And on her back is a tattoo (stenciled, hopefully) that reads: “No Fear.” You gotta give her credit. First it was the Lady Gaga cover and “She’s not me.” Now this. There’s going to have to be a p.r. stunt once a week through the summer as Madonna tours the world and approaches America. It’s kind of enthralling. With the “MDNA” album gone, Madge has to keep stoking the fires. I love the look on her face, too, when she completes her own “wardrobe malfunction.”

Warning: this is not for the kiddies:



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  1. This woman is an absolute disgrace — a pig! She descrated the religious symbols of the Catholic Church, the faith of her family, years ago, and now she insults a predominately Muslim country by her disgusting display! Added to the fact that she is an OLD WOMAN by pop standards (or ANY standards), she is also an ugly, desperate old woman devoid of any modicum of decency. Can she spell D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N? She’s done!

  2. Really?A “queen”? Of what, classless, tasteless, hypocrisy?
    That maybe, But feel free to “adore” her, you are entitled to your opinion.

  3. Did we really need to see that old eraser. That is a memory that I can never get out now. Thanks a lot Mad-onna. You music was never good. Oh there was that one song but I was drunk and the chick I was with showed me her nips…

  4. Wow… It’s sad to see a career flame out this way.

    Did you hear the tortured cries of pain form the audience? It’s like seeing your grandparents having sex…. yuck.

    What will she do next to try to slow her freefall?

  5. This display was simply sad. At one time Madonna let her music speak for her. Now she has to resort to trashy displays of utter classlessness to get attention. Her entire schtick now is to see who she can shock/insult next. Her entire act is nothing but a copy of younger performers who do the same.

  6. GROSS! Who wants to see a granny in her panties? this old hag has no right disrespecting that country like that. Popping out some shrivelled up tater tot, hanging off the end of a half empty water bag she used to call a breast. Barf. Alex if shes a queen, its the queen of smut and garbage. That makes you a peasant of garbage. How about adoring someone with some integrity and self-respect? Ah, probably a prius driving, rainbow loving, libtard from san fran praising smut while destroying our country with low morals and a clove cigarette. I wouldn’t give two squirts on that split-toothed droopy, sean penn left-overs, kabalist.

  7. Hey has- been;
    If I want to see big juicy nipples, I’ll go to a porn site.
    Your saggy 53-year old boobs and little nipples don’t do anything for me.

  8. Madonna should just keep it to herself. I’m not sure even the Muslims in Turkey would be that interested in seeing a baggy old nipple.

  9. Madonna has no shame. Starting with her selection of a stage name.
    Pride comes before the fall. And she will bow her knee and proclaim Christ is Lord. I hope she will do it voluntarily. However, it is written, all will bow and all will proclaim He is Lord. Even “Madonna”.

  10. Has anyone else had this same sickening feeling I have lately that Madonna is looking more like Hillery Clinton more and more all the time?

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