Home Television Tony Awards Going Up Against “Mad Men” Finale, “True Blood” Return

Sunday night is going to be a fight for the remote control and the DVR in certain demographic households. At 8pm the Tony Awards will begin on CBS. At 9pm “True Blood” will return for a new season on HBO. At 10pm, “Mad Men” will play its season finale on AMC. Are there enough viewers to go around?

What’s the best solution? Watch the Tonys, and “tape” the other two shows. My guess is a lot of people will try that. Of the three, “True Blood” is the one you can put off watching until Monday. But it’s also on in the middle hour of the Tonys, which may not be so exciting awards wise at that time. The big Tony moments are sure to come while “Mad Men” is wrapping up, from 10-11. The back and forth may be excruciating.

The Tony Awards, knowing this, are stacked with familiar faces and big names. As the end draws near, and Best Musical, Play, and actors are announced, god only know what will be happening at Sterling Cooper Draper– and will be it Harris or Holloway, Joan’s name, since she’s now a partner. And what happened to Peggy after she left the firm? And what other secrets did Lane leave behind?

Make sure the batteries in the remote are new, and the DVR memory is freed up. It’s going to be a long night!

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