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It looks like “Prometheus,” directed by Ridley Scott, is going to be a big hit. It opens tomorrow with a high Rottentomatoes.com rating and amazing 3D. Our LEAH SYDNEY saw the film this week and she reports: “Visually stunning with seamless and dazzling CGI, Scott’s film expertly blends crisp 3-D effects and suspense along with the nerve-wracking tense drama and intense paranoia of the characters.  So well paced was the film that I was gripping my seat handle in a packed screening room practically the entire 123 minutes of the film.

“While over the top avid geek fans might not feel the same gut wrenching affect that they had with his previous films, (think John Hurt’s chest exploding scene from “Alien,”)  “Prometheus,”set in 2093 roughly thirty years earlier than “Alien,” bedazzles with visual fireworks that will impress even the most jaded moviegoers.

“A crew of space explorers are traveling on a trillion dollar mission to a remote moon hoping to find answers to mankind’s beginnings.  The actors all deliver with strong performances, especially Idris Elba as the ship’s sexy albeit no-nonsense captain, Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green as a pair of in love scientists, Michael Fassbender as an eerily precise android and the icy corporate supervisor Charlize Theron.

“Scott, who teamed with writers Damon Lindelof (“Lost,”) and Jon Spaihts, create a story that questions mankind’s origins, touching on science vs. belief and Darwinism vs. creation. Though these ideas  are not quite fully developed, they are fascinating and worthy of continuation, where it indeed seems like “Prometheus” is headed”

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