Home Celebrity Neil Young Next to Do Concert Ticket-CD Bundle a la Madonna

This is the future and the future is now. Neil Young and Crazy Horse are going to tour together for the first time in 8 years. And if you buy a ticket online to one of their shows, you will receive their new CD, “Americana.” And that CD will be counted as a separate sale at SoundScan. This has been done before, but was executed with incredibly klunkiness for Madonna’s “MDNA” album. The concert ticket album redemption artificially inflated Madonna’s sales numbers for one week. Then in the second “MDNA” dropped the most of any album ever. “Americana” went on sale today. The concert tour doesn’t begin until October 3rd (with dates at Red Rocks in August). But the online bundle business starts this Friday, June 8th.

If you’re a Neil Young fan, check out the silent film he’s produced with his team at www.neilyoung.com

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