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Cissy Houston has made a deal with Harper Collins for her book about Whitney. They say it’s going to no-holds barred. That should be interesting since all three of Cissy’s kids have had heavy involvement with drugs. Will she be explaining that? There so many things I doubt Cissy will address in the book, starting with Whitney’s devastating reaction to her parents’ separation and divorce. Then there are friendships and romances that Cissy will to have acknowledge: from Jermaine Jackson to Robyn Crawford to Bobby Brown and Ray J. Further, Cissy is going to have to explain why Bobbi Kristina didn’t live with Whitney for a couple of years, her participation in “Being Bobby Brown” on TV, the rehabs, all of it. For a mother to get into detail–especially Cissy, who is extremely private–seems unlikely. But as sources in the record business have indicated, Cissy needs the money from a book advance now that Whitney is gone. However she handles it all, Cissy will produce a fascinating book.

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  1. why does Cissy need money? Did Whitney die broke or did she just not leave her mother anything? Why would Whitney leave her mother penniless, yet make her executor of her will? A more important question is why was Whitney so vehemently against Cissy taking custody of bobbi kristina. If they were so close as mother and daughter Whitney would’ve have thought Cissy was the best choice. Seems to me as though Whitney wasn’t that close to her mother Cissy, nor is Bobbi Kristina.

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