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You could say John Edwards was similar to a lot of the Kennedys–the charisma, the hair, the cheating. It’s all there. But now Edwards’ mistress/babymama, Rielle Hunter, has her own Kennedy connection. Who’s doing the publicity for her forthcoming tell book? Why, Hunter has hired RoseMarie Terenzio, who was John Kennedy Jr.’s secretary-assistant at George magazine from 1994 to the day John died in a July 1999 plane crash.

Terenzio has since gone on to start her own press agency. She will now be the mouthpiece for Hunter, who had an affair with a married man, knowing the man’s wife had terminal cancer, and then got pregnant by him. And hid the fact of the baby.

Terenzio emailed me to take down a picture of Hunter and her daughter Frances Quinn, shot on the baby’s first birthday. The picture was given to me by one of Hunter’s friends and was used on Foxnews.com. It may still be there. At the time, the picture was given to me for specific use, without any limitations. But Hunter is about to hit the celeb circuit promoting her book, so she probably wants more control over her image. Good luck to that. The ghost of Elizabeth Edwards hovers over these people.

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  1. An amoral woman. i hope that in every single interview that Rielle Hunter does she is taken to task for being the cheap hussy that fooled around with a married man, whose wife had terminal cancer.

    Elizabeth Edwards went to her grave without having had a day of peace because of her randy husband and this ugly, despicable woman. I can only hope that her disgusting memoir doesn’t make a single dime.

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