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The saga of Madonna’s “MDNA” just keeps getting stranger. Even as Madonna launches her world wide tour–very successful, looks like a hit–“MDNA” is suffering. The latest situation: the album is being offered on amazon.com for 41 cents. That’s right–forty one pennies. The shipping is actually more expensive–$2.98. A couple of different companies are offering “MDNA” at this price. I emailed AbundaTrade in South Carolina. Their owner advised me: “Yes, there was a flaw in our purchasing calculator.  We paid $4.86 each.  We have 111 left in stock and can sell them all to you for $0.41 plus $2.98 shipping each as per our Amazon listing.” That’s pretty much as low as you can go. Poor “MDNA.” The indignities don’t stop. At least these copies won’t be counted in SoundScan again.

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