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You may be wondering–what happened to Lee Daniels’s very hot, controversial movie “The Paperboy’? The film got a 16 minute standing ovation in Cannes. Kidman got the best reviews of her life. But the movie polarized people. Some loved it, some hated it. Kidman is said to be incandescent playing against type as a kind of broke down white trash gal who even pees on one of the characters.

“Paperboy” was made by Avi Lerner’s Millennium Films, with producers Hilary Shor and Cassian Elwes. There was a special screening in Cannes for distributors before the red carpet premiere, and lots of talk. There was even some talk that Millennium would just release “The Paperboy” themselves and skip a distribution deal.

But I am told that “The Paperboy” continues to a hot potato. More screenings are being set up in New York and L.A. Millennium is said to still be open to another distributor coming in–Weinstein, Fox Searchlight, etc. Whoever gets the movie also gets Kidman’s automatic Oscar nomination, and maybe even win. So even if the movie repulses some, and turns others on, there’s going to be lots of talk and Nicole as a big bonus.

Stay tuned…

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  1. I really hope this movie gets a release in the United States. Love even more for Nicole to get nominated either in Best Actress or Supporting. I think her chances are better in supporting category. Going to be a very tight race for Best Actress nominations again.

  2. Hasn’t our Nic played white trash more than once or twice? Still, keen to check it out.
    Take care of yourself Roger – hope the vertige is diminishing.

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