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Now that they’re off the hook, we can expect books from both John Edwards and his baby mama Rielle Hunter. My guess is, literary agents, publishers and lawyers are lined up to get this done–and to get big bucks.

Hunter already had a feature in GQ. But she certainly hasn’t told her real story from crib to hotel room bed in hardcover for a significant price. She has lots of material. 1980s party girl with Jay McInerney, marriage to the son of the Jon Benet Ramsey prosecutor, her life in Hollywood (already the people from “24″ are getting nervous) to meeting John Edwards in the Regency Hotel bar.

From there, Hunter has her family to flashback on including her father — he was in a scandal that  involved  killing race horses for their insurance money. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=munson_lester&id=3533725

Then she has the big affair, how she tried to get rid of Elizabeth Edwards, the whole saga of running around the country with the Youngs.

And then finally, deliverance: living nearby Edwards, raising their daughter, Elizabeth all gone. It’s a blockbuster, to be sure.

And Edwards? He’s going to have to write a mea culpa. Otherwise he’ll be stuck repping Night Court participants in North Carolina.

Publishers, start your engines.

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