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Armani is sponsoring this unique never before event.  Giorgio Armani’s niece Roberta starts by reading a statemen of support for Sean Penn’s work in Haiti.  Penn, Petra Nemcova, and Paul Haggis are on the dais. Their three organizations for Haiti are holding a joint all star fundraiser tonight in Cannes, endorsed by the festival.
Sean: “Central problem in Haiti is poverty. Paul Haggis’s group was there before the earthquake, in 2008.”
Haggis: “Before the quake no one gave a damn about Haiti. I stayed there because of the people.” Haggis couldn’t get into Haiti. Penn organized planes and doctors. “Sean is a hero of mine.”
Petra: “We were there in 2007. We came to build schools. After the first anniversary of a disaster, people forget. We come in one year later. It  will take ten years to rebuild Haiti.”
Sean: “The organizations have solidarity. This is an expression and shared voice⿦it’s basic love between people.  Mathematically Haiti has never had a chance. It’s not defined by the earthquake.
Sean:  “It is time for our formidable and elegant president stand by side with the new president of Haiti.”
Haggis: “We’re three white people. What we do is work with grass roots organizations on the ground.”
Petra: “We don’t want to focus on the past.”
Haggis: “Lots of other people working hard on this, like Donna Karan.  There is so much hope in Haiti.”

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