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The Madonna fanatic are going crazy online. They’re not getting it about Madonna’s ticket or CD sales. Let’s address ourselves to the CD sales. As of this morning, hitsdailydouble has counted 54% of the total CD sales in the US. Lionel Richie and Madonna put out albums on the same day– March 26th. This morning, Lionel is at number 1 with 65,000 copies sold last week. Madonna is at number 28, with 2,575 copies sold. That’s including her ticket promotion. Don’t kill the messenger. “MDNA” is dead sales wise. Why does no one get this? Her tour ticket sales are better. She has sold 600,000 tickets in the US to about 35 shows. The total comes approximately to $14 million. Except for Yankee Stadium, most of the venues seat between 15,000 and 19,000 people.

The tour will be a hit, but not a mega hit. There are plenty of tickets for sale, but they will sell closer to the dates– particularly if there are good reviews from Europe and early in the US. Madonna fanatics can believe what they want, but this is the state of affairs for artists of a certain age. Madonna is doing better than most. But let’s get real. She is old enough to be Adele or Lady Gaga’s mother. And the core fans–the ones who are bombarding my emails–simply have not bought “MDNA” in any substantial volume. The numbers are real and do not lie. If “MDNA” falls out of the top 50 next, where will it be in the summer and fall when Madonna’s actually on tour?

Check this captured page for Madison Square Garden in November. I could still buy 10 good tickets in Section 101 at 12:22 am. Case closed. Madonna fans, put your money where your anonymous posts are.


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  1. So an entire year later and do you feel foolish, stupid, or just plain idiotic?? hahahah It was the highest grossing tour!!!! Please please do yourself a favor and stop talking crap about her, instead focus on her long lustrous Carrier. MDNA MDNA MDNA MDNA MNDA.

  2. Like you, I’ve published a number of articles on the poor sales and have received some pretty vitriol filled responses. Her fans are saying that its Ticketmasters fault for not making it easier to redeem for the album, that people still had to pay for the albums through Ticketmaster (not true), that the album will take off when the next single breaks (as if some future release will do better than the presumably two strongest song released as singles) and that we just hate her and have a vendetta.

    The fact is that the number don’t lie and her sales for the album, when the Ticketmaster freebies are taken out, are pretty bad. Even with the freebies, she’s going to have an effort just to go gold much less platinum.

  3. Oh Roger! You won’t post any negative comments on this article?
    Was this your plan? Write an apology on Forbes but then get this one out there that still contains the lies?

    Oh Roger – it must be very sad in your life. I suggest blaring any Madonna song full blast and dancing like its the end of the world. Makes me feel better every time.

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