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Here’s a “Mad Men” head scratcher: two days after Johnny Depp opens in the movie version of “Dark Shadows” comes the 9th episode of season 5 of “Mad Men.” And it’s called, according to a fresh posting on the imdb, “Dark Shadows.” Are vampires coming to Sterling Cooper? Episode 9 seems to fall chronologically around November 1966. So I’ve found a summary of the “Dark Shadows” episodes that ran on ABC that month at http://www.nicholasmooneyhan.com/darkshadows/111966.html. Will Pete Campbell suddenly reveal himself as Barnabas Collins? Will the “Mad Men” characters have a Halloween party dressed as their favorite “Dark Shadows” characters? (Jon Hamm does sort of resemble David Selby.) Or is Betty just home watching her soaps? Anyway, other episodes now have names, too: After “Signal 30″, the next batch are called, in order: “Far Away Places,” “At the Codfish Ball,” “Lady Lazarus,” “Dark Shadows,” “Christmas Waltz,” and “The Other Woman.” No other info yet. although that last one doesn’t sound good. Two more episodes follow, still untitled, with the season ending on June 10th, the same night as the Tony Awards. Just as someone is receiving Best Musical, something big will be happening in the last few minutes of “Mad Men.”

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