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The L.A. County Coroner has played Whitney Houston’s death a little fast and loose. After several weeks, thanks to the Smoking Gun, we now have the full coroner’s report. And contrary to earlier reports that there were no drugs found in Whitney’s hotel room, there was indeed cocaine, a spoon, rolled up paper for snorting, and a mirror with cocaine residue. The investigator found “a spoon with a white crystal like substance in it, a rolled up piece of white paper from off the top of a counter…, I also collected remnants of a white powdery substance from out of a drawer and the bottom of a mirror in the same drawer…”

Listen: it’s no fun reading Whitney Houston’s autopsy. It’s absolutely horrifying that this is how her life ended. Thanks to the autopsy we know she had scars, breast implants, and kinds of personal stuff no one should ever be privy to. But it’s the cocaine that raises all the questions: it’s all over her room, yet manager and sister in law Pat Houston told Oprah Winfrey should knew nothing about it. Remember? Whitney was “chasing a dream.” Some dream. The cocaine is not hidden–it’s all over the place. Someone has some explaining to do.

It’s just not possible that Whitney’s current drug problem had gone undetected. Her blood tests show that she was full of coke. Why was she left alone if the people around her knew the situation?

Here’s the report: http://i.cdn.turner.com/dr/teg/tsg/release/sites/default/files/assets/whitneyhouston111pdf.pdf



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  1. Whitney’s passing away is a great and sad lost,however , the family should now be blaming themselves for leaving her alone and not helping her enough to get out definitely out of her drugs problems.

  2. Rog, I have an addict in my life. If Whitney was going to do drugs, she was going to drugs. Someone couldn’t have been with her 24-7

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