Home Celebrity Bebe Buell Lets Hiro Ballroom, Johnny Ramone Go Out with a Bang

The Hiro Ballroom is no more. The great space in the bottom of the Maritime Hotel in the meatpacking district closed on Saturday night, but with a bang. The final featured performers were the Bebe Buell Band, and they rocked the place one last time to its rafters. Buell also dedicated the performance to the late Don Hill, who died exactly one year ago. Since then, his famed eponymous rock club has been shuttered and readied for yuppie occupancy, granite kitchens, baby changing tables, etc. It was only one night earlier that Buell paid a visit to the former CBGB’s–now a John Varvatos store thanks to greedy landlords–for the launch of Johnny Ramone’s posthumous memoir, “Commando.” Johnny’s widow, Linda, is touting the book, and Bebe was joined by rock elite including Elvis Costello, Bob Gruen. Mick Rock, Glen Ballard, and Legs McNeil. Long live the Ramones! Bebe’s terrific new album is available on line http://www.bebebuell.org/

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