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Oh, Madonna. She’s quite the lyricist. Her new song is called “I F—ed Up.” You can listen to it and most of her new album, called “MDNA” on her You Tube channel and on Facebook. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkgEJPSWRZY&feature=player_embedded#!. The album comes out a week from Tuesday, and it’s the usual hodgepodge of throwaway dance songs and a couple of ballads that have been Auto-tuned within an inch of their lives. Madonna is almost 54 and she sings, basically, about nothing. There’s no one to compare her to, really; she is unto herself. You can’t compare her to the great female singer songwriters like Carly, Carole, and Joni. She’s not a great singer like Judy Collins, Phoebe Snow, or Gladys Knight. She’s not an icon like Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, or Aretha Franklin. She’s certainly no Streisand or Diana Ross. She can’t sing like Lady Gaga or Adele or even Linda Ronstadt. But she’s Madonna. She’s a living spectacle. And the PR machine is revving up for a launch at the end of this week. And listen, it’s not about album sales. It’s about tour tickets. The album is just a souvenir. It’s a new, much different world.

Great new music? Try the new Bonnie Raitt or Roberta Flack. Or for more contemporary sounds, Leslie Feist or Julia Fordham’s reissue of her “Baby Love” CD. http://juliafordham.com/

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  1. Good God, with her money why not retire and do charitable work? I certainly would. Of course this is the same gal who started the, ahem, “charity ” Raising Maliaw. It’s really just sad at this point.

  2. I’m far from a big Madonna fan, but I do think she is an icon, dude. Can’t take that away from her. She basically created the MTV age…..

  3. Seriously have you even listened to the song? How can you say she “sings about nothing” when the lyrics to “I F*cked Up” are blatantly honest about her marriage falling apart. How is this “nothing”?

    Have you listed to “Falling Free”, “Masterpiece”, “Best Friend”, “Beautiful Killer” or any of the other previews that clearly feature no use of Auto-tune?

    Of course you cannot compare her to the greatest singer/songwriters or the greatest singers — but every single living woman you’ve listed here would surely agree there is no doubt she is truly an icon.

    And as for touring, I guarantee you NONE of those you listed could take in the 450 million or so Madonna will this year on the road. (unless they trotted around the rotting corpse of Janis Joplin, then maybe folks might pay to see that mess.)

  4. Yeah, she is ONE of a kind; just pisses me off that she is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Linda Ronstadt is not? Not cool…

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