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Even as ABC gets ready to shut down “General Hospital” and blow what’s left of its afternoon programming, the soap opera lives on. Movie star James Franco, who has recurred as a maniac art for the last two years on the show, made a documentary about his experiences. Now it’s been chosen for the Viewppoints section of the Tribeca Film Festival in April. Here’s the description:

Francophrenia (or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is)
Directed by Ian Olds and James Franco, written by Ian Olds and Paul Felten
(USA)—North American Premiere, Narrative

“James Franco stunned the film world when he committed to a regular gig on General Hospital, but the Oscar®-nominated actor had a clever trick up his sleeve. While shooting a key GH episode, Franco brought along a film crew. TFF award winner Ian Olds (Fixer, 2009) then repurposed Franco’s behind-the-scenes footage into an experimental psychological thriller set amid the spectacle of a celebrity’s escalating paranoia, creating a mind-bending exploration of identity.”

I have never understood Franco’s participation in General Hospital. But this should be good. And a hot, hot ticket. It may also be the only permanent record of the show in mainstream media. It’s set for cancellation this summer, to replaced by Katie Couric or a show about bowling. If you read the emails to this column, you’ll see that ABC has made a New Coke type mistake destroying their soaps. The fans are outraged, and are turning off the network. Some say they’re working out. Others are reading books. It’s a scandal.

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  1. To all the ppl tuning out ABC for soap cancellations I will repeat it for the millionth time…every network has cancelled soaps…NBC-Another world, Texas, Generations, Rituals, Passions,

    CBS-ATWT and GL, Capitol, Search For Tomorrow, The Edge of Night, Love of Life

    I understand your frustration but this is a sign of the times. Most insiders believe that by 2015 Y+R will get the ax along with Bold and Beautiful ( at least in America). Days supposedly has until 2013 or 14. Networks no longer want to spend the money to produce soaps. So soon to be loyal to the Daytime serial Genre you will have to turn off all three networks. Daytime serials are transitioning off network TV. It’s a sign of the times and a fact of the business. It evolves and changes over time. Sad news for long time fans such as myself who have watched for 42 yrs. But its true. Time to make your peace and move on.

  2. GH is really good right now, it has a 2nd life… and I really hope ABC saves their last soap. OLTL should never have been cancelled and I now kinda regret not following the best daytime actor to the other world/network 8 years ago, and for spending a lifetime (30 yrs+) watching ABC daytime, esp. OLTL. My guy (Todd Manning) is back, and has now transferred to GH, so I am very excited to see what happens, They can’t do this again, can they? Who is running that network, Scarr, the evil uncle? Clearly execs who continue to insult their fans… Not Cool! Personally, I will watch nothing on this network except GH. And if it does get cancelled, I plan to parental block the network permanently.

  3. Anyone want to bet that GH is not getting cancelled? I am positive that the Revulsion will be the one that gets cancelled. Why would the amount of viewers watching improve. It just drops every week if anyone would actually read what the reviews are saying and the ratings are saying. I will not believe more of this crap until ABC makes an announcement. They want us to worry.

  4. I am glad that this article was written as it gets more exposure to what is happening to classic scripted programming. I hope that James Franco draws more attention to the show.

    But there are a few descrepanicies in the article.

  5. I refuse to watch the show you are replacing the soaps with, so you get nothing, all of the people who have turned you off should be a CLUE, but you keep on doing the crap job you have been doing ABC and Disney and I look forward to seeing some of you folk in the unemployment lines.

  6. Congratulations to Franco on the Tribeca Film Festival honor. I always thought he had an alternate plan for his General Hospital appearances. It’ll be good to know there’s a permanent record in the broader media that says “General Hospital was here”. While I hold out hope that GH will survive in some form, I’m afraid ABC and Disney would rather cut off an arm that admit a colossal mistake in cancelling daytime drama.

  7. Thank you Mr. Franco for what you have done for General Hospital !! It is very sad to hear in the article that General Hospital is going to be canceled, With no mention of it from ABC/Disney yet !! I know in my heart that it is true, but as a fan for over 30 years, I’m still hoping that will change. I am one of those soap fans that have been boycotting ABC/Disney, I will not watch anything on ABC/Disney except for General Hospital !! That is it !! I was a loyal viewer of ABC for over 30 years also but they have lost me as a viewer. I wish James Franco the BEST with his film !!

  8. I think it is wonderful that Mr.Franco has brought our soaps to a different light ,we (the soap opera family)are fighting for our life’s now with the craziness that has been going on withABC canceling our All My Children and One Lofe To Live.we have been faithful viewers for over 40 years with these shows,with only General Hospital only having a few months left on T.V we hope James can put a spark in someone’s heart to realize the viewing power we hold and give us our stories back.We loved Mr.Franco on General Hospital and hope maybe He will be back maybe to take down the Cassadines!

  9. ABC/D definetly has made a huge mistake with the cancellation of their afternoon soaps. I applaud “Franco” for this movie. I just wish the execs would listen to the million of fans out there who want our shows back, and to not cancel GH.

  10. the crap ABC is replacing the soaps with is absurd! they lost me as a daytime viewer except for GH, when it’s gone, so am i. big mistake ABC cause i’m far from the only one who has tuned u out and another network in.

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