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Madonna‘s new single is out-”lyric” videos have surfaced on YouTube. And it’s worse than you can imagine. Madonna rehashes 1984 Cyndi Lauper with this lyrics: “Girls they just wanttto have fun.” It’s a recurring line from her new song, “Girls Gone Wild.” Porn instigator Joe Francis is already angry that Madonna has chosen his trademark line for the title of the song. But now the lyrics show that the best Madonna can come up with is a rip off of Cyndi Lauper from three decades ago.
The astonishing thing about this is that Lauper has always been the Madonna also ran–a real musician and composer who’s been overshadowed by her rival since they each started their careers. Madonna is in the Rock Hall; Lauper is not. Lauper writes her own music and has released some of the most underappreciated albums of the last 20 years without a lot of money behind her.
Madonna, who’s made millions and had the record company support, has now stooped to “quoting” Lauper’s signature hit in a lame effort to put out a new song. And this is Madonna’s second single from her unreleased MDNA album in less than a month. This is not a good sign for the new record deal she got with Interscope. Really? Is she really going to sing “Girls, they just want to have some fun?” What’s next? “99 Balloons”?

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  1. Well Roger, the title of the song is Girl Gone Wild, NOT Girls. And it wasn’t named that because Joe Francis was angry. Furthermore, apart from Cyndi Lauper being great, the song has nothing to do with her. Not in melody, nor in the feel of the song. Similarities in text go no further than having the same ring to it. Madonna sings “Girls they just wanna have some fun”. Cyndi sings “Girls just wanna have fun. They just wanna”. So it’s not the same. Your conclusion is far fetched and the point you are trying to make is, well… pointless. Maybe we should analyse every song that has “I love you” in it as well…

  2. This whole album is a updated lame attempt at a 80’s remix cd. Yaaawwnnn!!!! Everything about it smells contrived. All the tracks have the 80’s feel with 2012 auto-tune edited right in. Madonna’s attempt to stay relevant by featuring the new gen “stars” such as Nicki Minaj and MIA. How much more obvious can it be then that. Last time it was Xtina and Britney with the lesbo kiss on stage. Another hyped up moment fir the Enquirer front page… That’s Grandonna’s career these days. She cant even sing. All her new tracks is full of sing-talking and pro-tool edits. First week will do well based on hype but I see a steep drop subsequent weeks. She will max out at 700k total, maybe less. But Grandonna is lucky her concert tickets sell out cause she aint making change based on cd sales, that’s for sure.

  3. Madonna just uses a common phrase, it’s not a rip off. The songs are totally different and Cyndi’s was a cover-she didn’t even write it- Robert Hazard did. Cyndi merely “co-wrote” on her first album and she did so on less than half the songs. On her second album, she also co-wrote on some songs, but there were also songs written completely by others. On her 3rd album, the same thing happened. By Madonna’s 3rd album, Madonna was writing on ALL her songs. Madonna co-produced her 3rd album too. Madonna also had more control over her own career since the beginning. People lost interest in Cyndi as her schtick wore off, but Madonna continued to evolve both image-wise and music-wise.

    Madonna has written about 90-95% of all her songs and she also plays the drums, guitar, piano, and violin. Joe Frances better get to suing all the other writers of the other 50 songs with the same “Girl/s Gone Wild” title… even those that predated his “business.”

  4. Although I’m not a Madonna fan, I can see why her songs from the 80’s/90’s would be popular, Now it’s just sad. My first indication was the new song she performed at the super bowl. Awful; and now this.

  5. I guess the critics were right after all. Cyndi Lauper will be around for a long time. Madonna will be out of the music business in a matter of months.

  6. The songs are very diffrent in styles and message. Get over it.Lauper might have titled her biggest hit ” Girls just wanna have some fun, but Madonna has LIVED IT her entire musical career. LOVE BOTH SONGS in their own right. I’ll be dancing to Madge’s this weeked though.

  7. this is the most ridiculous article i ever read!! you guys need to stop been such hatters already!! madonna’s new single it is amazing!!

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