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A few months ago I wrote that “General Hospital” would kill off Robin Scorpio, played by Kimberly McCullough she since was a child. Well, they did it. There is a lot of mail on this subject. But last week, “GH” reached an all time low in ratings. This isn’t by happenstance. ABC is getting ready to say goodbye to its last soap in time to debut Katie Couric in September. McCullough says she left to become a director, which may be true. But “GH” and ABC are following the plan laid by Procter and Gamble a couple of years ago. They got rid of the young demographic actors on “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light.” It’s one thing to kill off old characters on a soap. But when you start killing the young female characters with big fan bases, that’s a sign the show is over.

ABC’s big problem is that the two shows they replaced “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”–“The Chew” and “The Revolution”–are unwatchable. So now what? The wheels are in motion to end “General Hospital,” on the air since Lyndon Johnson was president. There will be a lot of mail, but the network doesn’t care. This is cost cutting. Just as with the two other shows, they want “GH” off the air. Maybe they’ll go really retro and bring back The Afternoon Movie, in black and white. Or drag over programming from Lifetime. But Tuesday was the pivotal day for “GH.” Sorry, fans. (Ratings are from tvbythenumbers.com) PS McCullough has directed a new short film, listed on the Internet Movie Data Base, and has appeared in what looks like a direct to video film. But she’s talented, and there’s nowhere to go but up.

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  1. To late.. as GH is STILL in the crapper as to ratings even with the new writing team and OLTL actors. Oh well.. GH should of had been put out of its misery long again and OLTL should of been SAVED!

  2. Do you folks do research when you write

    1. Kimberly McCullough verified in an interview SHE wanted her character to die.

    2. GH has been spiraling to record lows year after year. Where were you in 2007 when GH bled 1 million viewers after killing off a longterm beloved vet and 2 young legacy females that also grew up on GH that were fanfaves, Georgie Jones and Emily Quartermaine.

    3. So its ok to kill off valuable beloved vets and other iconic characters?

    Wake up. GH has been on a death march for years. So be it. They have already chased away loyal fans and don’t care.

    And sorry to see Robin go but her being on canvas hasn’t prevented the destruction to the Quartermaines, Spencers, or the Scorpios or Cassadines.

  3. I stop watching General Hospital Long time ago Roger I think beginning for the end for GH SAY SAY BUH BYE TO Sonny Quarnatine famliy rest of the crazy bunch LOL!

    Oh well I go back to my Novelas on Telemundo get my soap fix LOL!

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