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You can forget all those stories about Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, disappearing or doing drugs since her mother’s death. I am told that “from the moment” Whitney passed away, the family called in Houston’s drug counselor for help. Warren Boyd, aka “The Cleaner,” has been with Bobbi Kristina “around the clock.”

Many websites that just copy each other, starting — surprisingly– with “The Daily Beast”–are trying to turn Bobbi Kristina into a tabloid heroine at death’s door. The frenzy is remarkable. But pictures and video from the funeral show the 18 year old young woman talking, laughing, crying, and acting–normal. Having Boyd there is extra protection. He’s known for her a long time.

Says my source: “He came right to the Beverly Hilton Hotel, he stayed on the 4th floor with her, he’s been by her side through everything. He went to the funeral and then took her home. Bobbi Kristina didn’t go to the repast because she was overwhelmed. But Warren was with her at the hotel. She never went missing.”

The source added that “Bobbi Kristina is being watched like a hawk, don’t worry.” Calls to Boyd were not returned. Boyd was responsible for cleaning Whitney up almost a year ago–starting in April 2011, and at least one previous time.

Key to this story is that Bobbi Kristina has evidently returned to Atlanta to the condo she shared with her mother. She has left the Houston family in New Jersey. Her father, Bobby Brown, is said to be there, too. His last tour date was Sunday in Newark.

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  1. I think that people in general need to back off!! Whitney Houston was a beautiful person that had a problem. And let’s keep in mind that some of the things that I have read from others let me say this too you when you point a finger at someone remember there’s three pointing back at you. And I bet those that are trying to drag the Houston name in the dirt I bet you have some dirt that knowone has known about because it has not come to the light YET!! Watch what you say. You get back what you put out there. This is a family that has lost someone they love and charish . In the end of the day as my own daughter stated Whitney Houston is someone’s mother and is someone daughter. Back off please!!!

  2. Well Roger you won’t believe your eyes when you see what the national Inquirer has done! outrageous. somebody needs to torch the building.

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