Home Theater Spider Man Producers Cave In, Reach Settlement with Julie Taymor

The producers of “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” have finally caved in. They’ve settled with director-creator Julie Taymor on basic financial issues. They’ve agreed to pay her from November 2009 through her dismissal last spring. They’ve also agree to compensate her for touring productions, and compensation if and when “Spider Man” ever recoups its initial investment. Taymor is still suing over copyright issues. But this ends a very mean spirited, unnecessary episode. The producers only agreed to all this through The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, which arbitrated the complaint. Taymor worked on “Spider Man” for nine years and only made $150,000 through the time she was ousted. Nevertheless, the Tony Awards committee still considers her the show’s director. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won next June.

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  1. Julie Taymor is an incredible talent and deserved to be treated better than she was. This is what happens when business starts to run creative.
    Bravo Julie. She will win the Tony for sure.

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