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The new Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair is out, and it’s a hit with almost everyone. One person who takes exception is beautiful and smart Alana Stewart, the loyal friend of the late Farrah Fawcett and ex-wife of both Rod Stewart and George Hamilton. Alana is a straight shooter, so she was a little surprised by her depiction in Vanity Fair about the use of youth-promising drug HGH. Alana set the record straight for me, and for you.

She writes: “I’m very unhappy with the way I was represented in the Vanity Fair article by Ned Zeman about HGH use in Hollywood. I agreed to do the interview with him as a favor to a friend that works for VF, and I was very clear that I had used HGH a short period of time some years ago because it was recommended by a health practitioner as a way of building back my energy and muscle strength after a bout with Epstein Barr. I told him that I did notice certain improvements in skin and hair as well as energy and strength, but that I had STOPPED using it because of the possibility of certain side effects, including potential cancer risk. Many doctors believe that HGH can potentially accelerate the growth of cancerous tumors.
Since I’m president of a foundation that supports cancer research and prevention, the last thing I want to do is been seen as a proponent of a substance I feel could be potentially dangerous.”

Alana assures me her HGH experience was short lived, and I believe her. There’s no such thing as a fountain of youth, even in Hollywood. But Alana–a newly minted grandmother, I might add–is the exception to the rule. She’s the real deal!

PS The rest of Ned Zeman’s article is fascinating nonetheless. It goes very well with Mark Seal’s excellent piece about Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Arnie Klein. Hollywood is one crazy place, that’s all I can say. You’re constantly running into people who are facsimiles of themselves!

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