Home Celebrity Giants Win, But So Does Madonna- Big Time

Her movie is a dud, she’s involved in a crazy cult, but listen–Madonna is a show person. Her half time show at the Super Bowl was just perfect, from the opening of “Vogue” to the closing of “Like a Prayer.” Give her credit–she knew she was playing to a conservative audience. There were to be no lesbian kisses or wardrobe malfunctions. Did she sing live? Sometimes. Whatever. It didn’t matter. And bringing Cee Lo in for “Like a Prayer” was magic. It’s her best song, and you can’t beat a gospel choir. Otherwise, there’s not much to say about the new song, which isn’t very good. “Music” sounded like a cacaphony. But all in all, it was upbeat, ebullient, entertaining. So, you see, even Madonna’s naysayers can find something to love in her. But all the women at our Super Bowl party thought she looked uncomfortable in those boots. Madonna, it’s a win, grade A. And the Giants– god bless each and every one of them.


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