Home Celebrity Mel Gibson Retitles Unreleasable Movie, Sends it to Video Land

Remember Mel Gibson’s movie, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”? Two years ago (at least) he went to Mexico, relocated prisoners from a jail, upset everyone, and made this film that no one wanted to see. This was during “Edge of Darkness” tanking, the whole non stop scandal with girlfriend Oksana, the $500 million divorce, the anti Semitic stuff, and “The Beaver” embarrassing everyone. So now what do with “Vacation”? Apparently it’s been retitled–“Get the Gringo.” And according to reports in the the trades it’s going straight to Video on Demand on May 1st. This is because, let’s face it, no theater owner wants a Mel Gibson movie–not even “Lethal Weapon 5” or “The Beaver 2.” It’s a smart move for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. They’ll charge $10.99 per viewing. Mel’s remaining audience can plunk down their dough. Gibson has relatively no future in regular movie releases. He still plans on making a movie about Judah and the Maccabbees–a Chanukah story told by an anti-Semite. Instead of real oil that lasted eight days, Mel’s movie will likely explain this was erotic oils used by women of the temple to keep their men aroused for a week or more at a time. Say hallelujah, somebody!

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