Home Celebrity Michael Jackson Lawyer Recommended for Disbarment by State

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the State Bar of California is recommending disbarment for Brian Oxman. Oxman is the ever self-plugging Tv appearance star who’s held himself out to the media as “Michael Jackson’s lawyer” for years. Twice in his career he’s been suspended from practicing law, but this is the piece de resistance. From the report:

“In a Jan. 13 order, the State Bar Court said Oxman should lose the ability to practice law because of dishonest and unethical conduct, including failing to advise the bar after he had been fined by a judge and commingling personal funds in a client trust account.

Under the order, Oxman will become inactive Feb. 2, pending a final ruling by the state Supreme Court. It typically takes several months for the Supreme Court to issue a final ruling.”

Oxman, who once fell asleep in court during Michael’s child molestation trial, could not be reached for comment according to the the Times.


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