Home Celebrity Golden Globes Sharpens “Artist” vs. “Descendants” Race

What happens when both Golden Globe Best Picture winners also pick up Best Actor nods for their leads? Then we have an Oscar race. Last night “The Artist” and Jean DuJardin continued to steam roll along, while “The Descendants” and George Clooney did the same.

Now the two groups head into Oscar fever with nominations on January 24th. The Golden Globes also put the race into a new mindset with Martin Scorsese winning Best Director for “Hugo,” meaning neither of the Globe Best Picture winners was made by the best director.

This could mean a lot of things: that Scorsese was the actual best director, or that the Globes, eager to please everyone, just spread around the riches. After all, Steven Spielberg got Best Animated Feature for “The Adventures of Tin Tin.” So it’s all good.

And then there were the parties: very much the places to be were the HBO party downstairs in the Beverly Hilton right after the show, and the Weinstein Company party at what used to be Trader Vics. Reports were that the other studio parties were more in house events. The In Style/Warner Bros. party, which is fun but doesn’t include winners, also caused a controvery. They refused to invited rival magazine editor Stefano Tonchi, of W magazine (a Conde Nast publication)– even though he says he invited their people to his shindig on Friday night at Chateau Marmont. “That’s ok, we’ll go where we’re wanted,” said Tonchi and editor Lynn Hirschberg on their way to the Weinstein blow out.



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