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Lady Gaga–who apparently is also being sued by her former assistant–gave her fans a present on Saturday night. It was a new song she put up on YouTube. Taken from the unreleased tracks from “Born this Way,” the song–catchy and well sung, of course- features the F word in the title. “I’m Stuck On F—-in’ You” can be seen here.


Gaga writes on the YouTube entry: “So to give you a little background to the creation of this song. I wrote it in Minnesota after the Monster Ball on the tour bus. We recorded it in one shot. Fernando on guitar, Paul on Drum Machine. I wrote, sang it, and freestyled the last minute + a half of the song.”

Is it vulgar. crass, coarse? Yes. Yup, it is. Of course, I am over 50. When the Rolling Stones tried to released “Starf—-ker” it came out as “Star Star.” But that was a long time ago. Enrique Iglesias had the word featured in a song this year. Gaga’s song also featured the word “shit,” which I will print here. She’s so talented, but will do anything to get attention. Just anything. Maybe she’s worried because Madonna is coming out with her new single soon.

Why does she do it? Baby, she was born that way. Says a lot.

Someone wrote on YouTube that this reminded them of Janis Joplin. Uh, no, not really. Not so much, to use 2011’s most overused phrase.

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  1. if you dont like it you dont have to listen to it
    it hasnt been released only a youtube link to her fans
    it was never her intention to release it she was just messing around on tour having fun with her friends which is why she sounds drunk it isnt ment to be a single
    she is talented , not everyone will “get” her or like her but when you know enough about her and see her sing live you cant deny that she is talented.

  2. So, “F word” is better? Like no one will ever think “fuck” when they read or someone says “F word.” Same with “S word” or the “B word” or the dreaded “N word.” So much for freedom of speech in America.

    The PC folks are just plain fucked up or should I say “f . . ked up” just so I can have it printed? Besides, how many people really care one way or the other?

  3. She is getting quite irritating. Oh my, using the F word in a song title- so shocking Lady Coo Koo. It’s 2011 Gaga, nothing shocking anymore- Here’s an idea, why don’t you focus on writing good dance music instead of trying to “shock” us. I really resent having to drive in my car and listen to public radio stations playing these “shocking” songs for my and your children to hear. Her behavior is overshadowing any talent she had.

  4. Claiming “freedom of speech” and “voice for the abnormal people” is false. It is like saying something horrible followed by “just kidding” in order to absolve the speaker from any negative backlash under the pretense of humor, sarcasm, or secret insincerity.

  5. Pathetic. And we all see it. Why is she so popular then? Because of a lack of parenting. First, for allowing children to even be allowed to have access to TV Channels that show this person’s videos and radio stations that play her music with VJs and DJs who glorify her. And second, parents not taking the time to teach their children how to censor their own lives. Teaching children to think for themselves and how to avoid trash like this on their own. How to recognize it. How to avoid it. Nobody wants to “judge” anymore. So in an effort to not be “judgemental”, we’ve gone to the other extreme and tolerated – even supported – everything. And everything includes filth like this. Lady Gaga is a result of our own fall from a society who raised up their kids with respect and honor to a society who doesn’t parent much anymore. She’s a symptom, not the problem. If the problem didn’t exist, neither would she.

  6. Gaga continues to maintain her popularity. But….Adele, who doesn’t have to wear meat suits or sing about her clitoris got single of the year and album of the year. Michael Buble sold 2nd most albums with a Chritsmas album in a 6 week period(something along those lines) with only a great voice and classic songs. Madonna is coming back, I can just hear the ” why not listen to the original Madonna instead of the Gaga knock off” already.
    It appears as though the backlash to years of singers that prefer to talk or scream, may be the beginning of a comeback for …..talent and skill….?
    I do think she is talented, but I think she is hearing footsteps and for good reason, but the problem with shock is that is worn out- you can’t go much further without really being offensive in a bad (not sexy but more like gross) kind of way…. she will at some point either go out of style or have to remake herself, good luck either way….

  7. Too bad ignorance isn’t painful-them we wouldn’t have to hear about this juvinile stupidity. What’s next, poo-poo and ca-ca? Our youth need to grow up, but then she’s not really that young anymore, is she?

  8. Yes, the face of a sheepdog, the outfits of Grace Jones, the talent of a glass of water, and the dance moves of a stiff white girl…what’s not to love?

  9. You are too kind to credit her with any talent. Unless you consider someone who can handle a paint brush without hurting themselves an artist. She has a mediocre voice that she uses to sing rearrangements of hits from the nineties for easily impressed thirteen year olds. She dresses outrageously by having someone recreate Grace Jones wardrobe from the seventies. I’m so tired of hearing how original and creative she is when everything she does is at least fifteen years old. Curse words in popular music? WOW what a smart, smart statement and so original, too.

  10. If she was “so talented”, then she she wouldn’t need to use the ‘shock’ lyrics, or the ‘shock’ clothes for that matter. The fact is, she cannot get by on talent alone, so she need to be a sort of sideshow to be a ‘so-called star’. To encourage her in this disgusting effort tells me all I need to know about this site. UGH!

  11. Her talent as a musician is undeniable. As a showman (show woman? showperson?) she is edgy, but pretty darned good. Def her own person and has the typical quirks of an artist/musician. Tooooooo bad that her lyrics sink well below the level of her other talents. She’s at last falling into the pattern others have; as careers start to wane or the headlines feature her name less and less, outrageous acts by the artist get kwazier and kwaizier! Ta-Ta, Gaga!

  12. Gee, how original using the infamous “F” word in a song. Creativity isn’t dead. When will these self centered, egotistical, self absorbed belly button contemplating brats grow up? At age 65 I’ve heard it all and am not impressed nor am I “shocked.” The expression “pushing the envelope,” even in the past was cover for lack of talent originality, but now the “envelope” is gone so what will these buffoons do now? It reminds me of a toddler throwing a fit for attention to get their way and is best ignored.

  13. What do you expect from a slut? Neither wealthy or talented make a person classy. She could easily be the best pig in town however, and that is what she aspires to doesn’t she?

  14. What passes for talent these days is amazing! This bumkin is an absolute disgrace to anyone who has any sensibilities or even any taste for music at all… A Total PIG if ever there was one!

  15. Why this self-absorbed trollop is famous is beyond all reason. Her only true talent is her exceptional piano playing. But because she didn’t get the fame and fortune she felt she deserved with her piano genius, she adopted this ridiculous persona that is crude, ridiculous and overindulgent. 10 years from now, people will look back and say with regret when they look at her CD’s – “what were we thinking?!?!?!?!?” She’ll be just a $800 answer on Jeopardy someday.

  16. She does it because she is an immoral pig and her fans have been steeped in the AMERICAN INDOCTRINATION-EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.

    In otherwords, her fans are more stupid then she is.


  17. Wasn’t it Mae West who almost a hundred years ago showed the world that if you’re outrageous enough sexually you can get legions of dimwitted people to follow you. Some things just never change!

  18. Why do we need to get coaser and more vulgar as a society every year.
    People like GaGa (no lady) are slowly destroying society so they can make a buck, not that we aren’t complicit. We buy the garbage she and her ilk spit out.

  19. Help me out people. You don’t really believe that this is great music. This is absolute junk and those that support it have sunk to the lowest level of morality.

  20. “She’s so talented,”

    At what, paying you hacks off?

    She stinks, the music stinks, and she and you and the “Showbiz” media make your money destroying Western Civ.

    “Gaga”does to music what Obama is doing to America.


  21. Desperate people will stoop to anything when they have no talent and are all show and nothing of substance. ugh! how ugly! and ignorant and no class. butt ugly!

  22. She is a talentless waste of time, energy, money and recording resources. She is all show and nothing else. Only idiots would spend money on the trash she calls ‘music.’ It will be a great day when the media finally starts to ignore her.

  23. I’ve been a Lady Gaga fan, as well as a major Janis one (I saw the latter, not the former). Janis would not have released this song, period, let alone on Christmas.

    This was an in-your-face “I’ve tried to show you in my videos that I’ve sold my soul” action.

  24. Historically, many creative works have been produced in admittedly drug-induced moments like this. I’m thankful for the “Lady Gagas” and songs like this, it’s encouraging to my own ongoing recovery. I reminds me of my own misspent youth from which I fortunately survived and wish never to return. However I pray for those encouraged by song/artists like this… that they may not be encouraged to remain in their stagnant cesspool like I know I would’ve been had she been around 30-40 years ago.

  25. This cretin is just pushing the boundaries of sensibilities by assaulting the airways. She may think she has the absolute right to abuse her personal assistants, but any one who condones it by supporting a lack of talent wrapped in narcissistic behavior is part of the problem.

    Cut her off financially to stop the abuse and vulgarity. Change the channel, don’t click any links pertaining to her, don’t buy tickets to her concerts and don’t buy her songs – otherwise the abuse will only continue and escalate. These women have been traumatized on the job, and it is time this cycle of abuse comes to an end. She is not a diva, but an abusive, entitled, poor excuse of a woman. Only the public can bring justice by cutting these misfits off economically, because the judges are more interested in campaign contributions.


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