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Madonna cannot stop giving money to the cultish Kabbalah Center. No matter what anyone tells her, no matter what the reports say from unbiased sources, she has to keep doing it. Her Ray of Light Foundation gave the Kabbalah Center and its affiliate Success for Kids over $800,000 in 2010 according to the latest tax filing. The breakdown: $650,000 to Success for Kids, formerly Spirituality for Kids; $153,000 to the Kabbalah Centre; $30,000 to Raising Malawi, the affiliate that lost millions of her dollars (as previously reported) and did not fulfill its mission of building a “leadership academy” in Malawi. No one, you see, is going to put Madonna in a corner.

Altogether in 2010: Madonna put $5 million into Ray of Light where it sits tax free. But now Ray of Light claims a worth of over $9 million in assets. Madonna gave away about $1.1. million in total, three quarters of it to Kabbalah. The rest included $250,000 to Partners in Health, a very legit group; $25,000 to the Brazil Foundation (her 22 year old boyfriend in 2009-2010 was Brazilian); $15,000 to the T.J. Martell Foundation (cancer research, famous in the record business) and some miscellaneous smaller amounts. As usual, Ray of Light gave nothing to Elton John AIDS Foundation or amFar, nothing to music education, the Grammy Foundation or MusiCares, not even a nod to a dance program for kids in the U.S. or anything in her suffering state of Michigan.

To date, neither Raising Malawi nor SFK (as either Success for Kids or Spirituality for Kids, its former name) has filed a tax return in 2010. It was revealed earlier this year that Raising Malawi, which had raised money for a school in Malawi, was in financial disarray. No one seems to know exactly what happened to its funds, including $3.7 million raised in 2008 by Madonna with UNICEF and Gucci, from an array of celebrities.

Madonna just signed a new contract with Live Nation and Interscope Records, said to be worth $40 million. It was reported earlier this fall that her eldest brother, Tony, was homeless and living on the street.


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  1. So Madonna gives millions to charity annually via her Ray of Light Foundation and privately (which you have no idea about), and how much does Mariah give? I don’t see these kinds of reports about Mariah who leaves it up to her fans to donate money.

    Anthony is on the streets because he wants to be. He refused Madonna’s help and offers to pay for rehab or anything. He was fired by his own father.

  2. I just read today that there are 1.6 MILLION homeless children in the US and 43% are under the age of 6, they live in cars or empty buildings, under traintracks BUT I guess homeless children are not as glam as Kabbalah, maybe the funds are too easily traced, maybe some of those children have run into Madonna’s brother. As I wrote a few weeks ago, it is over with her, she is no longer a person who is a role model or a loving human being or erotic. Over, over, over.

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