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Paris Jackson–if she wanted to be in the movies, you’d think her grandmother would take her to Steven Spielberg or someone reputable or high class in Hollywood. Instead, Paris, who’s 13, is now being exploited for a movie that has no funding, a producer with no production credits, and a cast that includes such sterling movie actors as Larry King, his wife Shawn, and Joey Fatone of NSync. The website for “Lundon’s Bridge” has already been set up with Paris’s picture prominently featured.

And there’s a FUNDRAISING button on the website–the guy, Stephen Sobisky, doesn’t actually have the money to make his three part fantasy adventure. He’s using Paris as bait. And Katherine Jackson, the ill equipped grandma, has no clue. But let’s get this straight. Sobisky is a visual effects supervisor for B movies. He has not produced or directed one major motion picture. As we’ve learned from the recent “Gotti” mess, the rest of this is hogwash. Where are the Jackson kids’ lawyer? Where is a guardian? Sobisky will now fish around the world using Paris Jackson to try and raise money. And the little girl probably thinks this is going to happen, and be a big deal. Oy vey.

And please! “Fifty percent will be donated to schools”–really, what schools? What are they talking about? Fifty percent of what? It’s a shonda, as you say in Yiddish.

PS The book this is all based on, “Lundon’s Bridge.” is such a classic it’s self published by a journeyman Hollywood bit player named Dennis Christen. It’s currently ranked around number 86,000 on amazon.com with three reviews.

Janet Jackson, call your agents!


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  1. There is no way Michael Jackson would have allowed these un-skilled, unknown people anywhere near his children.

    Just like he did with his solo career, he would have made sure his young daughter would have been placed in the BEST hands show business has to offer.

    Katherine Jackson should be ashamed of herself for allowing her granddaughter to be used like this. Truly shameful!

  2. This should not suprise anyone. The jackson’s will exploit these children,and, seem to do it in such a low class way. The poor kid probably thinks this movie will be made. What a joke.

  3. Thanks for more backstory on this misbegotten project. Sleazy from stare to fibpnish . If this pretty little girl wants “to act” she needs a team agent, manager, attorney, accountant PR who are on HER SIDE ONLY. Mama K hasn’t got an ounce of business sense in her head and I am thrilled she has a fleet of nannys and security and drivers and rotors to get Paris and Prince to The Buckley School everyday. But mama K also green lighted the Cardiff tribute which was a financial disaster, and the Thriller Jackets and the Never Can Say Goodbye Book and let that malicious bitch Oprah in her house-so I don’t see Mama K as being A smart or protective business person.keep watching.

  4. Michael would not be pleased? How do you know what Michael would have wanted for his children? Are you a friend, a family member, a confidante of Michael’s? No. You’ve never met him, yet choose to speculate on what YOU think would be best for his children. Diana Ross indeed! Where has she been for the past 2 years? Certainly not in the childrens’ lives. Kathryn has been there every step of the way & the children are happy, healthy & well-adjusted. They were planning their film careers with Michael long before his passing.

  5. Well…with a family and a mother like this I probably also drink Propofol every day of my life to fall asleep. Can you imagine not to be considered, by your own family, as a human being when you are alive and not to be mourned as a human being as well — rather a cash cow both in life and in death. Even if Michael is finally FREE, it is painful to see his children being lined as the next meal tickets for the family. I guess…the family has never learned a lesson from Michael’s demise.

    God have mercy! For a ‘religious’ person Katherine Jackson claims to be, it is apparent that it is MONEY that is her god. Instead of denying the children from X-mass and Birthday celebrations, how appropriate it would have been if she had taught them the proper life values that help them prosper throughout their life. Now all what the children taught is greed, money grabbing, milking their father’s image for fame and opportunity. Michael’s kids will snap out soon that they are being their own enemy both in terms of public persona and their father’s estate’s financial performance.

    Intentionally or accidentally, Katherine and the Jacksons are harming them and their father’s estate. Well…history should repeat itself, I suppose. Jealousy and adulatory are the two core values for the Jacksons are well known for.

  6. If Paris wants to work in Hollywood, she can at least audition for A list projects or prestige indies. This project is slimy. PJ needs an A-list acting agent and a talent manager and a good law firm. The Jacksons are NOT good business people, but Paris can break that cycle, the way her father did during his most successful years.

  7. este es nada mas y nada menos que un truco publicitario y no es que dude de las capacidades de la niña Paris, es solo que esto ya era de esperarse, pues esos niños lo único que heredaron fue el renombre de su padre y por desgracia, si su talento no es el esperado, solo se les conocerá como LOS HIJOS DE MICHAEL JACKSON y que pena por que podrían terminar en la situación de los jóvenes que tanto ayudó su padre, tal cual ejemplo como es Macaulay Culkin, tan perdido en su mundo de niño estrellita que calló en manos de jackson y se renovaron sus expectativas de vida….. suerte por ella (Paris) espero que este proyecto no la convierta en una más de esas tristes historias de niños explotados (tal como lo fue su padre).

  8. Ultravioletrae, did you bother to read this post before attacking the author?

    The author is defending Paris Jackson, not “unleashing” a “poison pen” at her.

    By the way, confidence men are successful because they are able to win people over with proven techniques. No doubt, that’s the case here. That’s why so many cults are successful.

    Hopefully, after this plan fails, it will be a lesson to Paris about a very tough industry and the nature of opportunists.

  9. What ever happened to the 20% that was to go to the foundations? Which foundations were they?
    The children are celebrities now.
    We all must assume a hushed whisper at the mention of their name.
    However, the trauma they will suffer later is very real, they should be concentrating on a normal life, didn’t Michael feel that his was ruined by all the spotlights-or was he addicted to them? Good grief, a movie with no backing and Paris as the star-beyond belief.MMH

  10. What a joke the Jacksons are! I so wish Diana Ross would’ve been awarded custody of those kids (she and Mike’s mom were listed as guardians in his will). This kid’s going to be a D list “celebrity” before she’s 16 years old at this rate.

    Michael would NOT be pleased.

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