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Michael Jackson’s charming father, Joe Jackson, won’t stop ’til he gets enough. He’s just announced that he’s released a documentary about himself, come February. “Confessions of a Father: The Words of Joe Jackson” will likely not detail all of Joe Jackson’s business mistakes, his abuse of his children, or the story of his illegitimate daughter. According to the press release, “Confessions” “will offer a fascinating and chilling look at one of the most controversial fathers in show business history.

“Told from Joe Jackson’s unique perspective, the film will cover the Jackson family history from the formation of the Jackson 5 through Michael’s tragic death and the subsequent trial and sentencing of his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Principal photography is almost completed and GPA is currently meeting with distributors. The film’s release is planned for 2012, as is the publication of “The Architect,” Joe Jackson’s autobiography from Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.”

The press release all says Joe will “break his silence.” Has he ever actually been silent?

Yes, that’s right: he’s also “written” a “book.’ It’s unclear if that offering is simply a translation from the German book Jackson “published” a few years ago. Frankly, they’d be better off leaving it in the German.

All of this is told from Joe’s “unique perspective.”

The documentary, they say, is produced by “award winner”  (his words) George Paige, who has mostly credits for re-releasing Jerry Lewis videos. The “director” is someone named Johnny West.

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  1. @Linda, I agree. The fact is: no one is interested in Joe Jackson or anything he has to say-isn’t Johnny West the one with the ‘new record label’ that Joe announced 24 hours after Michael died? Doesn’t matter anymore anyway. MMH

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