Home Movies NY Critics Choose “The Artist” Best Picture, Best Director

The New York Film Critics Circle have chosen “The Artist” as Best Picture and Michel Hazanavicius as Best Director for “The Artist.” That’s the silent, black and white film that has taken the film community by storm. “The Artist” comes from The Weinstein Company, which also picked up Best Actress for Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady.” Other winners include Jessica Chastain, Albert Brooks, and Brad Pitt–all excellent choices.

“Moneyball” won Best Screenplay and “Tree of Life” won Best Cinematography.

“The Artist” was made by French director, actors and composer–but shot in Los Angeles. It’s maybe the most clever film of the last several years, with the only other competitor being Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” The two films debuted in Cannes this past May, although originally “The Artist” might not have been included. It was only when Harvey Weinstein saw it and bought it in Paris right before the film festival that everything changed.

Now “The Artist” has a bunch of Spirit Award nominations in addition to the New York Film Critics award.

And still, I ask, where is the love for Uggie the Dog?

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