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No probation. The judge says “Michael Jackson was an experiment.” Dr. Conrad Murray goes to the Los Angeles County Jail for four years. Judge Pastor is brilliant. Finally, some justice in L.A. Now watch the Jackson family go after him for anything that’s not nailed down financially. The court orders Dr. Murray may have to pay over $100 million restitution to the Jackson children and the family. There will be a restitution hearing later. Murray could be held responsible for all the money Michael didn’t make in London with the 50 concerts. Wow.

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  1. To Bill: The point is Dr. Murray committed a crime (or, to be precise, several crimes). Had anyone else done it in his stead, THAT person would now have been sentenced in the same way. Many people who was asked to provide MJ with propofol said no. Had Murray also said no, chances are MJ would not have found a provider at all – and while the concert may have been blown to pieces due to his severe insomnia, he would have stayed alive.

    Dr. Murray’s negligence was not like our everyday negligence, like forgetting to buy milk or remembering our spouse’s birthday. It was more like the negligence of an engineer building a bridge and neglecting to put in the reinforcement. That bridge will come down.

  2. Is Michael Jackson any way responsible for his own death? He was the one who doctor shopped until he found a greedy doctor to do whatever he wanted. If it wasn’t Dr. Murray, it would have been some other doctor, just like with Elvis and Dr. Nick. And the court can say that Murray owes the Jackson children $100 million dollars, but I’m guessing they’ll have as much collecting as all those people that MJ owed money did….

  3. Justice at last, indeed. To you who followed the 2005 trial this must be a strange and sad ending.

    The prosecutor’s demand for damages is justified and a realistic sum based on what MJ would have earned from the tour, but of course everyone knows Murray won’t be able to pay. The point is he shouldn’t be given the opportunity to pull in millions from books and appearances. If Branca and McClain hadn’t been able to make all those deals for the Estate, the children would not have been in a good place financially after MJ’s death. The tour was to erase MJ’s debts.

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