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The long aborning movie about John Gotti, starring John Travolta, is still in financial turmoil. There are some new twists and turns, however. “Gotti” producer Marc Fiore, aka Marco Fiore, has apparently decided to take a new secondary role in the film’s financing. He’s turning over his lead position to film and record producer Ted Field, heir to the Marshall Field department stores and the man who gave us the original Interscope Records. Field was running Radar Pictures. Field’s said to be worth about $1 billion, which means he’s been able to take losses on such flops as “All About Steve,” “Twelve,” “The Invention of Lying” and other films that fell short of awards buzz like the dreadful but profitable “Bad Teacher.”

Field is a nice guy, though, and could possibly raise the money to resurrect “Gotti” from its current state of rigid morbidity. As I reported exclusively here, Fiore–an ex-con–has not had much luck getting “Gotti” together. And Fiore has other problems. He’s still being sued by actor Joe Pesci over a promised role. But even worse: he ran afoul of the man he named exec producer, one Salvatore Carpanzano, whom Fiore billed as a “successful international businessman.” Carpanzano’s financial backers committed to “Gotti.” But there are said to be a trail of significant snags that have embittered the players. Of course, there’s still the issue of Fiore’s other backer, Irish Sinn Fein backer Fay Devlin. There’s still enmity among all the players. Field will have his hands full, that’s for sure.

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  1. Great article about a very problematic project, but has Ted Field commented yet? Are we certain he is on board, or is this just more bs from Fiore? Thanks again

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