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ABC Daytime is just about over. They announced today that they’re writing out a major “General Hospital” character. Kimberly McCullough, 33,  has been on the show on and off since 1985, starting as a child.McCullough’s character, Robin Scorpio, became infected with HIV in the late 1980s from her boyfriend. Now it seems “GH” will likely kill her off from AIDS–and this should make everyone everywhere pretty angry since AIDS deaths have been reduced greatly over the years. The Robin character was a symbol of hope.

McCullough joins Jonathan Jackson, another young actor with a long history on the show, heading for the exits. “General Hospital” is only weeks away from its cancellation notice, as it will be replaced by Katie Couric‘s talk show in September 2012. ABC has successfully destroyed its fifty year history of soaps in the afternoon, loyal viewers, and consistency. “All My Children” is gone. “One Life to Live,” which has had a big resurgence this year, ends on January 13, 2012.

Congratulations to Brian Frons, the ABC exec who over saw the dismantling. He masterfully figured out ways to drive fans from the shows in order to lower their ratings, and kill them. The good news is, whoever’s left watching ABC daytime will know how to cook a chicken and how to execute a wine reduction. This is valuable information.

The question now is where Prospect Park Productions–run by Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank–will ever be able to bring any of the ABC soaps to the internet as promised and planned. Recent reports indicate that they don’t have the funding to pull it off. “All My Children” star Susan Lucci says no one from Prospect Park has contacted her since September 8th. It may be that Prospect Park never had the money to back up their plans.

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  1. I share the feeling of the other post and I also will not watch anything that replaces my soaps. I’ve watched GH for over 30 years and for 22 of those years I was an at home Mom. Thank you to soaps for teaching me about life in the world that I didn’t know about like families dealing with cancer and knowing not everyone dies from it like my husband but that some do like my mother did. Soaps taught me so much more about life living it through the connection I had with the characters in the storylines the soaps covered. Please A B C don’t take our last show GH off the air that people like me learn so much of life’s lessons that we don’t always know when theses experience will effect our lives but when or if they do we have some knowledge on how to deal them.

  2. Its not right that general hospital is going off the air and the other soaps on ABC just like the others just for talk shows I will not watch ABC again except ELLEN and the night time show I watch so GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! not fair talk time shows BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. THIS IS ALL CRAP!!!!!!!!!! I am a stay at home mom, during the day my only down time is to watch my 2 soaps oltl and gh. If I want to learn how to cook a chicken or meatloaf or whatever else I can easily look many different places!!!! Yes, I know these shows are just soaps but what on tv isnt anymore? The producers need to add in things from other soaps so people can

  4. I am now 57 years old and have followed GH since a friend introduced it to me at age 15. FORTY TWO years of loyal following and FIFTY for the show. So sorry to see it go!

  5. The consumers who watched daytime soap operas have been dealt another blow with the cancellation of General Hospital. I have watched “All My Children since the very first episode; I have watched “One Life To Live” since I was a sophomore in high school, and I have watched “General Hospital” since it was in black and white. The storylines and the characters were our way of identifying with real life problems and even though the actors and actresses were doing their jobs, they were bringing out what society has so often ignored. I will no longer be a viewer of ANYTHING ABC broadcasts and the sponsors used on daytime television are going to lose a LOT of money because I, for one, will no longer spend my hard earned money on for a product advertised on ABC. Greed, ego, and just sheer IGNORANCE on the part of Brian Frons and everyone responsible for this debacle tells me that they have no souls! It’s a shame they let money ruin them to the point of taking away viable programming and replacing it with shows no one is interested in. What a waste of the excellent talent portrayed on the soap operas.

  6. Bad move on ABC’s part. The Chew, The Revolution are not entertaining at all. At least the soaps gave people something to watch and wind down to, at least it did me. Bad Bad Bad move. Not very happy with ABC.

  7. This is just another example of why network TV is going to die. A great number of us despise the so-called reality shows and have quit watching. In an era where there are literally hundreds of cable channels, we don’t really need ABC or any of the rest. Over the air radio is so bad now that I have subscribed to Sirius/XM and will no longer listen to FM radio. The seemingly endless cancellation of scripted TV shows; replacing them with extremely stupid reality junk will spell the end of network TV. And you know what? I don’t think I care.

  8. One Life to Live for Maury and his DNA tests???? REALLY ABC???? what were you trying to accomplish?? If it is people leaving the ABC network you have accomplished that. I would have ABC on all afternoon. Now it is only on for General Hospital and then off it goes. Get rid of GH and you can count me out totally as a viewer. I am hoping Soapnet has the sense to pick up these millions of viewers.

  9. ABC has thrown away so much fun day time programing. Yes, some of the story lines were too crazy but it was fun to watch. My husband and I have been watching General Hospital since 1980 almost every day. Put Katie Couric on General Hospital that might be interesting.

    Looks like we will be doing something else unless ABC keeps us watching with additional story lines at GH. I love Anna Davine, nice to see her character return and Luke to name a few. ABC sorry to say if you replace GH this is good bye. Bird Mom!!

  10. ABC’s making a big mistake by cancelling AMC, OLTL, and GH! I have enjoyed watching AMC and OLTL ever since they came on and was looking forward to be able to relax as I view them in my retirement after 30 years. Guess it won’t happen now. Thought you would at least leave GH on but no, you won’t even do that.
    What are people that are home all day supposed to watch? The reality shows replacing the soaps are stupid. It’s like going to someone’s house and watching them cook! Not my idea of entertainment. Those of us who are diehard fans of those shows will never watch the garbage shows that have replaced them.
    Who is going to buy the products advertised on those shows? NO ONE! Thanks ABC for trying to please your viewers! NOT!!!

  11. I too have been watching these shows for years. I have a DVR and I love General Hospital I also watched OLTL and AMC I stopped watching AMC due to what the producers were doing with the show it got lame. I will stop watching ABC daytime alltogether. CBS HAS IT GOING ON!!!! I watch Y&R and I also DVR Dr. PHil so like it was said prior I know how to cook and have no need for the chew and them trading off Jason & Sam for katie Couric sucks. Id like to know what ABC has to say for themselves.

  12. In protest I do not watch those new talk shows, and I don’t like them and if I wanted to watch cook shows I can always watch The Food Network.

    Bring back love and drama in the afternoon.


  13. Sonny ain’t too bad of a fix every day either. We need our Jason and Sonny. Pleeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee grow a brain ABC. If you need me, I will take over programming for you, just give me a call. The grownups that don’t give a crap about those two crappy shows you have on during the day, well guess what? We pay the cable bills so you ought to be keeping the stuff we like to watch.

  14. If ABC cancels GH then I will never watch another ABC show again in my life. That is what channel block is for. I need my fix of Jason Q every day. Dang, he is one purty man!!!!!

  15. ABC, you gave up soaps to be just like every other channel. You now offer nothing different so why should I watch you? You gave up your uniqueness to become just another brick in the wall. Good job!

  16. The network is making a huge mistake cancelling all the soaps. Who wants to watch Katie Couric? She is totally boring as well is the chew and the talk.
    All the decisions must be made by MEN!

  17. I’m so upset I could cry. I have been watching GH my whole life. Started with my grandmother in the 80’s when i was only 5 years old and its been a constant in my life ever since. Soaps are the one show everyday that you can rely on to be new and exciting. It’s a type of drama that me and many of my friends looked to for our daily release. Seeing the demise of this show come to an end by killing off some of GH’s most long time characters is a disgrace.

    Scripted writing and talented actors/actress’s are soon to be extinct if we keep replacing it with reality garbage.

  18. Don’t know who the imbicile is that has canceled the soaps but if it were up to most of us women he’d be fired. The crappy shows they are being replaced with will never last or have nearly as many follower as the soaps. I for one have started watching other networks and will never watch the stupid shows they replaced the soaps with.

  19. THANkYOU ABC once again u have freed me from the tv. U took all my chrildren and oltl away and i was free from the tube for two hours now taking off gh will free me even more from the tv THANKYOU

  20. I have watched GH since I was 12. I am 50 now. Yes we need another reality show don’t we? Another cooking show? Hell, lets put on another talk show. Want a hint, get rid on Maury! That show is the same day, after day, after day, after, well you know. “Who’s baby is it”? DNA!!! Each program is the same. Let’s put on another “Judge Judy”. ABC is getting rid of the shows us “house wives” watch. No, not house wives; I stay up until 10 each weeknight to watch the show I missed that day. Even if they decide to keep it, without Robin, the show is still not worth a……

  21. What the heck? Don’t any of you crybabies have jobs? Seriously…with everything going on in the world, this is what you’re outraged about?

  22. To little to late, as once the Manning’s leave {save for Starr} OLTL fans WILL leave and the ratings will go back to what they were before they came on, which by the way were LOWER then OLTL. Wake up people!! the shows going away, as why are they bring back the majority of the old actors? but to wrap up story lines. Heck their even bringing back Frisco & Felicia. Its the grand finale. Why do you guys think they gave you the production team and writers who wrote OLTLs ending. So they could do the same with GH.

  23. I agree with EVERYONE who the heck is going to watch Katie Couric? Not me that is for sure. Not the chew that is so BORING & the revolution is the goofiest show I ever see.

    I think ya’ll need to bring our soapsback, if you can not, at least KEEP GH on. Forget Katie she really sucks. She needs to retire & enjoy her family. She of all people should have figured that out already…..

  24. I am so disappointed that you are taking G.H. off the air. I have watched it since Robin was a little girl. I thought the way you killed Robin was stupid. It would have been better to have her die from Aids. And just having Lucky go off to Ireland or where ever and leaving his two boys made no since at all. This just isn’t what his character would have done. I will never watch boring Katie Courie.


  25. :( I am so disappointed… What are you thinking! That is the only show we look forward to watching. After a long day or just need a zonned out time to relax. Please don’t take that away from us. My daughters where looking forward to watch it also with there kids. Very sad please try to keep it on no matter what. Have a bless one General Hospital many good old times :]

  26. I just found out about General Hospital being cancelled. Well ABC you have slipped below hell!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT WATCH ABC EVER AGAIN AND I WILL START NOT USING PRODUCTS THAT ADVERTIZE ON ABC!! Katie Couric? You have to be kidding me!!!!!!! ABC YOU SUCK!!!!!! I am SO SICK OF REALITY TV I COULD VOMMIT! It’s books and dvd’s for me from now on. Good bye ABC!!!!!

  27. How many more cooking – self improvement shows can we be enindated with, Soaps were an escape. So sad I don’t watch the shows that have taken over the slots for the previous replaced shows and here goes another one. Been an avid follower of Channel 7’s line up since 1968 and now no more!!!

  28. is it true that you are cancelling general hospital? i haven’t watched the two shows you put on in place of all my children & one life to live and i promise you i will not watch whatever show you put in gh’s place. these reality shows are too ridiculous for words. i will just watch other channels during the day. someone at the top better wake up.

  29. I agree with everyone above. I’ve watched General Hospital since the late 60’s and yes Katie is very boring, along with the other dumb reality shows. Bad move ABC!!!!



  32. Why would ABC take the best show they have on the network, what to put the Bachelor on a stupid show that I don’t know how it stayed on all these years. Leave GH on the air so me and my daughter could keep watching it together. Katie Courtic sucks she couldn’t make it on the evening news what makes ABC think she could make it on daytime television.

  33. I can’t really come up with anything else to say that wasn’t written above. I will NOT watch the Chew or that other idiotic thing they put on..The Revolution. Katie Couric hasn’t quite been successful on any other network. I will boycott ABC and will encourage others to do so. I guess I learn to watch Days of Our Lives and The Young and Restless. I can’t wait for ABC to fail in it’s daytime programming!!!

  34. I boycott ABC and have since One Life To Live was cancelled. I recently dropped the cable package that included “SoapNet” too. I would boycott their sponsors but since I don’t watch that network at all – I don’t know who still advertises there. ABC DayTime Programming Director really blew this. There is so many other networks to watch I don’t miss ABC at all.

  35. taking GH for a talk show that most likely will not last, is ridiculous…… people may think that all women do is sit in front of the t.v waiting for soaps. not the case at all. we have growen up with these soaps….. do we really need another talk show???? com on ABC…. katie isn’t gonna stay for ever, she gets bored!!! not a good decision at all….

  36. i was a hugh oltl fan and a gh fan i didn’t know until today that they where getting rid of gh also. the way they ended oltl with victor being alive was mean. but we still had gh now we won’ even have that. i don’t know what abc is thinking. i recorded oltl everyday and couldn’t wait to watch it same with gh don’t they realize at abc that people work and can’ i’ t watch the shows when they are on during work hours but thanks to the dvr i never missed an episode. i agree soapnet we need you to pick up or soaps please helllllppppppp. we don’t need more cooking shows that’s what food network is for and we don’t need katie curic for sure. hope abc goes down too for taking away our beloved soaps.

  37. ABC, why don’t you explain to us wtf you were thinking by first cancelling AMC then OLTL, now you are thinking of cancelling GH. Please you don’t have many shows that any of us are watching anymore. The Garbage that you think we want to see. I really hope you think this one through before you go through with cancelling GH. You have lost a lot of viewers because you think we want to watch the garbage you replaced our shows with.

    You don’t have many shows on in the evening any longer that we watch most of the GOOD shows are on USA and the cable shows. So it seems that since you are turning your back on your loyal viewers, we shall do the same to you.

    Bye Bye ABC you time is short. Unless you can turn this all around and get your viewers back. We will see.

  38. I will no longer watch ABC if GH is cancelled, its a great soap filled with action, love, and great actors. I hate to think tht it will b cancelled, shame on u ABC. I hate Dr. Phil his a joke, and the rest of the shows suck.

  39. I will no longer watch ABC if GH is cancelled, its a great soap filled with action, love, and great actors. I hate to think tht it will b camcelled, shame on u ABC. I hate Dr. Phil his a joke, and the rest of the shows suck.

  40. I agree that Soapnet should take the ABC soaps. I thought they should have taken AMC and OLTL. What’s the point of having a channel devoted to soaps that only plays reruns. I would rather watch new episodes of ABC soaps. This must be some male executive that hates soaps!

  41. another talk show……instead of GH? ugh.. reality shows , talk shows, cooking, diet, dont eat this , dont eat that, blaah blahh blaah…ABC what are you thinking?

  42. I don’t understand ABC. While I can’t watch GH on a regular basis anymore, I do catch up on Soapnet when I can and am sad they killed off Robin. If they know they are going to end the show (which is a huge mistake, as was ending the other two), why kill her? Cant’ the show go out with happy endings for everyone?
    We don’t need another talk show, “reality” show or “advice” show. There is a glut of them. BAD choice, ABC, bad choice.

  43. I cannot believe this! I just started watching General Hospital and I am hooked and now they are taking it off the air? Please no more cooking shows or doctor shows and for your information i would rather watch paint dry than katie couric.THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!

  44. I am so disappointed that ABC has canceled GH. It was bad enough that they canceled oltl and Mac. These soaps have been a part of our lives forever and you do not mess or tamper with tradition. Remember, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Shame on you!

  45. Cancell GH, what is left? Yammerfeasts with so called celebs? Do we really need more of this trash? Katie Couric has been selling her brand of nonsense for years, enough is enough. With the lack of quality programming on the networks, constant reruns, ads to put you to sleep, sad day for TV see no future in what they program.

  46. Didn’t know they were cancelling GH. What a crock. But I am now in transition to the Young & Restless. Pretty good soap. I refuse to watch whatever they replace GH with and I don’t watch the Chew either.

  47. How many cooking and feel good shows can they come up with. Soaps have kept women and men faithful for years. I am tired of the doctor shows and get fit shows. There are too many of them and are quite frankly boring. Shame.

  48. My three pleasures in life were … All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital. I have been watching them all my life. Now I will not have anything to watch. I guess I can start working out in the gym now in the afternoons. I do not and will not watch those stupid reality shows that have replaced them. Hell if I wanted to “CHEW” I would do that with some friends, not with some stupid reality show about food or clothing or making yourself over. Do I have an issue with reality shows? NO! But they do have their place. I don’t miss watching the Batchelor on Monday nights. That is my last TV pleasure. Why don’t you just go ahead and take that off too. I can just get rid of my TV because there is nothing else that I watch. Thanks for NOTHING.

  49. dont we have enough bad news without having more.no one wants anymore of talk shows,self help,answers to gossip questions,there needs to be a time to veg out.at least this was the soap that was left.i personally cant stand katy curic,i watched oprah for years.it was a great help,ive been through hell and she helped.but also being able to lay still and relax and watch what WE WANT, is nice too.seems like theres an agenda here.

  50. GH is the only good daytime soap left that’s any good. it’s the only one i watch. instead of killing it off, why not just move it to SOAPNet? I realize that soaps are nothing more than cheesy drama, but they are still better than talk shows and reality tv. we already have enough of that garbage.

  51. As a loyal General Hospital viewer since the show started, many many years ago, I was beyond mortified that Robin’s character was illiminated. At the time, I didn’t realize the ABC had made a decision to cancel this icon of the industry. Truly, the executives in charge of making decision affecting programming have FAILED to realize the loyal and faithful viewership over the many years of the show. Realizing that our world has many issues and problems, fighting so strongly for a soap opera may seem trivial, but for many, myself included, General Hospital as well as One Life to Live provided an escape or a departure from the realities of life. I am very dismayed by the decision to discontinue General Hospital and I can honestly say, that my viewing time will be spent elsewhere and the advertising dollars that will be invested in the replacement show, will in no way see the kind of support provided by all of the General Hospital fans. I for one find it truly insulting that ABC would take such an outstanding show off the air. It’s too bad that even after all of the dedicated fans show their support through venues such as this that ABC will not take responsibility and KEEP General Hospital as part of its afternoon line up. Thank you General Hospital for providing a great hour of escape each weekday – you will be GREATLY MISSED!

  52. I can’t beleave they took all three of all my soaps off of abc, I have been watching all of them sence I was 8 ys old even when I couldn’t understand them, I will not watch abc daytime TV any more I will try to get the union to boycot ABC I know a lot of people there. Who needs another talk show I don’t watch them ever no matter what channel they are on. ABC SUCKS

  53. I’m really sad they are taking GH off too. There are way too many talk shows, and reality shows. I like the soaps, because they are relaxing to me. I have watched them since I was little. Watched them with my mom, and grandmother. Don’t take GH off!!!! Please!

  54. I’m over ABC if they do this, soon they’ll see. I learned how to cook, sew, knit, iron and bake with my grandma watching all my soaps. I don’t need another stupid reality show, I purposely left reality for a few hours for a reason. No reason to even watch tv anymore, maybe we should go back to radio shows!

  55. If they cancel GH I will be so upset. I love all the characters and the story lines! these new boring ass shows they put on are the worst. Abc should be shamed. I hope and pray this rumor is not true. I felt a since of loss when robin died but we gained characters for OLTL. I love robin but the show must go on and i wish Kimberly the best. She has been on Gh since 85. Thats damn good! Please dont kill GH!!!!!

  56. I wonder how the ratings are on the shows that have replaced the soaps that have been let go. why drop g? I’ve been watching for 30 years. I love thE characters and the story lines are always great. I’m just heating the GH is going off the air. It is going to be a big loss for me. (sad but so true).. If there was a way to keep the show going They should try…. What do the caters think… And was the real maxie jones sick or did she get wind of the shows ending.

  57. also i just read an article stating that nobody knows if general hospital is being cut or not so once again please stop making stuff up and check ur facts

  58. I watched GH with my mom after school in the 70s. When I got a job, I taped it on the clunkie VCRs and relished sick days to watch my soap. I watched GH with my mom when she was in the hospital herself, dying. Last year, when my sister had breast cancer surgery, I lived with her and took care of her and we watched GH everyday as part of her getting better routine. We were very poor growing up and there was not a lot of glamor in our lives. There was no internet then, no cable TV. By watching soaps, we were exposed to things-good things-that we never would have been otherwise. We learned about relationships, saw fantasy date nights with candles and flowing gowns, we learned how to dress like a lady and took our hair and makeup and fashion cues from soaps. Because there was no other source for us to see this, we learned that it was possible to live a different kind of life simply by watching how other people dealt with things and how other people lived. I learned how to be an independent, well groomed career woman by watching soaps because they taught me that it was possible. So soaps were not just some silly female thing,They taught us, comforted us, entertained us and most of all emboldened us. G&H can never be replaced and soap fans are some of the most loyal fans in the world. It is a very bad business move on your part to leave us with nothing but Katy and a show about food. It shows us how little you truly value your female audience and how little you understand women. GoodBye and Good Luck-you’ll need it.

  59. you will never have any other shows last as long as “One Life To Live” or “General Hospital”. I have watch these to soaps from day one. You are destroying a legend and to heck with your new shows they do not interest me at all

  60. I think ABC is making a big big BIG mistake taking General Hospital off the air I have been watching it faithfully every day for the last 15 years…I tape the show and watch it every night….it is my way of relaxing and be entertained after a day at work, and can’t to see the day what is going to happen…no shows you have on TV I watch..the ones I have watched don’t get my attention to want to watch it again, I can’t stand .the reality shows, I can’t believe you belittle our inteligence calling it a reality show which is as fair from real as can be and nothing fake scripted agrument and sit coms are not funny or interesting..nothing to keep me wanting to watch it everyday. .ABC, you take General Hospital off and I won’t be watching anything on ABC…DONT CANCEL GENERAL HOSPIITAL

  61. how can u even think of taking gh off ive been watching since i was 11 and u want more reality what r u thinking amc was bad enough when u took it off

  62. they are all right the only good thing left was G.H. all this other crap on tv is a waste of space We will all mourn the loss to this show I also have been watching for over 30 yrs not bored yet

  63. I had watched AMC since the beginning and A World Apart before then, I have watched GH since I was 12, I am now 58, I watched OLTL since 1968 and ABC has been a mainstay for me all these years. The only show I watch now is GH. There is NOTHING on ABC worth watching besides that. Now I hear that GH may be discontinued in September… Good luck ABC you are sinking your own ship and hurting many people in the process.

  64. I can’t believe that Robin was killed off. And now the hear that they are going to be cancelling General Hospital too. WTF!!! I will never watch any of the shows that they have replaced the soaps with. I only watched All My Childre, OLTL, and GH. All I have is GH and I can’t believe that they are going to take that away too. There is no good daytime shows right except for GH. I guess I will not be watching any daytime TV. ABC you are making huge mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Why are people talking like GH is already cancelled? No decision has been announced yet, and with The Revolution’s ratings so ridiculously low, GH has a chance – if it manages to significantly increase ratings. Why do you think they brought OLTL characters in if not to try to get OLTL fan base to watch? During last two weeks or so GH was improving, in ratings too.

    As to Robin – the actress wanted to leave because she wanted to pursue directing. She specifically didn’t want to leave the door open for return if the show continues, so I guess they wanted the AIDS story. But I read on the forums that RC (new writer) convinced her to leave the tiny bit of an opening to let her come back – either to have a happy end if the show is cancelled or in some future if it’s not. With AIDS death it’d be a whole lot more difficult to revive her than with the explosion when no body is found.

    You want GH to continue – watch it; if you don’t have a Nielsen box, then maybe online. Let together get its rating to Y&R territory, maybe then it’s have a chance. It’s between GH and The Revolution which has horrible ratings.

  66. you know they want loyal fans, but when they have them, they just dont respect that. i’ve watched soaps since i was 12. I’m 51 now. i am a daily watcher of GH and some other soaps. I wont watch reality crap or more talk shows. Shame on ABC.

  67. Wow, REALLY! You got rid of AMC and OLTL for yet another cooking… show.
    Aren’t we JUST A LITTLE SATURATED with these type of shows!
    I’m now watching the news at noon, and The Talk at 1:00. Get rid of GH, and I’ll be leaving ABC all together! Oh, here’s a news flash for the decision makers at ABC, I don’t believe that I’ll be leaving alone.

  68. There won’t be anyone left to watch ABC! Women are power. We can boycott (shows, stations and advertisers) with the best of them!!!

    I’d rather be reading a good book. Heck, I’d rather clean the frig than give ABC the satisfaction!

  69. What the HELL !! why are you taking General Hospital off for Katie Courtic …. she was boring as hell on CBS. there are so very few shows that I now watch on ABC now , and THE CHEW isn’t one of them … hahaha what a stupid name , anyway. Thank goodness for CBS, NBC, and I NEVER thought I would say this but that goodness for Reality tv they’re taking over anyway I don’t know who’s making this dumb ideas …. just leave our GENERAL HOSPITAL ALONE , I know our voice don’t matter but we can still voice our oppinion !!

  70. I would like to second what Jen said, above. I’ve watched GH since 1981, and while the writing has gone downhill lately (perhaps in an effort to drive away viewers?), it used to be a great show. I especially liked the way that it (as well as All My Children) tackled social issues, such as HIV and addiction, and would give phone numbers/web sites for information on these issues. I believe GH may have saved lives!

    We do NOT need more talk or reality shows. I realize they are much cheaper and that a lot of people like those shows, but it is not right GH has to take the hit. I also don’t understand why GH is bringing on OLTO actors and past GH actors if it is just going to be cancelled anyway – I think this is kind of cruel on ABC’s part. Viewership and audience loyalty mean nothing to ABC – not nice at all. Shame on you, ABC!

    Pretty much the only good comedies and dramas these days are on cable… which I suspect is part of the problem.

  71. I could live without GH, I just don’t WANT to! I agree with my fellow GH lovers about the “better” programs, NOT!, they want to replace it with. Dr. Oz. I like him OK but OMG he has to fill 5 hours a week and if I hear him talk about diets and vitamins, spices etc. I’ll get thinner by barfing! You’d have an arms length list of crap if you were to take everything he suggest. The two new shows that replaced AMC & OLTL are boring and I agree phony! Katie Couric? What a snob! Don’t care for her at all. We visted The Today Show when she was an anchor there. Everyone of them came outside to greet us but her. I hope this is a vicious hoax/rumor and we get to continue watching GH for years to come! Keep the Faith my friends!

  72. Please Please Please don’t cancel this show!! I’ve watched it ever since I was a little girl and look forward to my 35 minutes before I fall asleep five days a week!!!

  73. I am furious, disgusted, frustrated, and hurt to the point of tears that they are cancelling General Hospital. I was hurt when AMC and OLTL were cancelled but at least they were leaving us with General Hospital. It is an insult that ABC fthinks it is possible to replace ABC daytime soaps with these meaningless shows. There is no comparison. ABC daytime soaps is history and has been apart of my life for almost 35 years. It was television but it was apart of my life and I watched most of those characters grow up, leave, and come back. It has given many something to look forward to, so much that many record just to watch at a later time. It is also therapeutic in that it offers an escape from our reality, the pressures and stressors of our lives and allows us to feel alot of different emotions and relate to the characters. For ABC to thinnk there is anything or any show that can take ABC daytime’s place shows very little appreciation for the daytime soaps effect, it’s value, and it’s fans. ABC has made a very huge mistake and will go down in history as such.

  74. So very very sad they killed robin off. That they are going to cancel GH to that really stinks. I am 33 and started watching GH when I was 12 with my mom.. I remember when robin and stone werie together. Really was and is my favorite soap ever! So disappointed they are gonna cancel this too. Who wants to watch katie couric.

  75. I will never watch any day time TV besides General Hospital!!!! If it is taken off the air I hope the network goes down in flames!!! I have watched GH for 30 years and I am 38!!!! GH is my relaxation at the end of the day what will I do without it? ABC what are u thinking??? :-(

  76. what is going to happen to daytime tv when people get sick of the reality shows. they are all the same. I watched AMC for 30 years,I recently started recording GH because many daytime viewers have had enough with the reality shows. I know no one who watches The chew or Revolution on a regular basis. Rethink your strategy .

  77. We need cannot keep talking we need to protest ,do something major about GH. when i came to this country with no English I learn English by washing GH I leave in San Antonio TX we should
    protest all over the country let the actor at Gh know we care.

  78. I am so pissed first for killing off Robin and the cancellation of GH r they kidding me, we matters will say good bye to ABC too. They have some nerve.

  79. Daytime TV was bad enough before ABC killed all the soaps, and now I only watch HGTV during the day. Ellen is another choice. Your replacement shows for the soaps, I predict, won’t last long. Lame and boring. Thanks ABC!

  80. I haave been watching GH since I was a preteen. I am so disgusted with the way they killed off Robin. I have become use to no charachter ever being safe in this decade, but the way they chose to kill off Robin was indispicable. Not only was she killed by accident but her remains WERE BURNED BEYOND recognition. They should have let her die from AIDS and have good bye moments with her daughter at the very least. If GH is cancelled, I will not be watching ABC either because GH is the ONLY SHOW I WATCH on their network! Are you hearing us ABC??? THE ONLY GOOD SHOW YOU HAVE IS GH!!!! I am so sick of fake reality shows, useless DR.PHIL shows, horrible tasteless cooking shows. Just DISH out my guilty pleasure please.

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