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VH-1 has just announced all of its acts for its “Soul Divas” show– and there is perhaps one actual Soul Diva–Chaka Khan.

The show, which will air in mid December, shows VH-1’s utter ignorance of real soul, frankly. Here’s who’s not on the show: Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle (or Nona Hendryx or Sarah Dash), Valerie Simpson, Kim Weston, Freda Payne, Martha Reeves, Carla Thomas, Ann Peebles, Brenda Holloway, Fontana Bass, Brenda Russell, Oleta Adams, the Emotions, Marilyn McCoo, Betty Wright, Cissy Houston–even Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey– or any other women from the classic era of soul.

On the male side: Sam Moore, Al Green, Eddie Floyd, Mack Rice, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, or anyone connected to original Motown or Stax.

The scheduled group includes Kelly Clarkson, who’s really a country and pop singer. Also: Erykah Badu, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Boyz II Men, Estelle, Marsha Ambrosius and Travie McCoy in addition to Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, someone named Jessie J. and the famed soul group–ha ha– Florence and the Machine.

All the aforementioned people? I guess they’re old. Who needs ’em? (Anyway, they’d better give Sharon Jones a real segment.)

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  1. Uh…clearly you missed the point of the VH1 Divas franchise. This year is supposed to honor cities of soul, and as for not having “real” divas, you need to showcase talent that is current as well. the divas of the past can’t always be the ones being honored, you have to honor the ones of the present and future too!

  2. This is such a random post. The divas show has always included contemporary artists. And why single out Kelly clarkson. It’s seems like a post meant to just attack one person. And it’s not like it’s Katy perry, Kelly clarkson needs no vocal trickery, her voice is untainted, what you here is her real voice. Can you list any contemporary artist (under 70) who meets your undefined criteria? And from a different angle (which I personally don’t care about), do you think any network that relies on ad money would target solely the above 60 demographic? Maybe PBS. This post seems written by an old mean crotchety man. I enjoy old crotchety men, but they typically don’t have insight in this area. It’s weird you single out the classiest lady with the most talent:(

  3. All of the true soul divas on your list are black. VH1 isn’t going to air a show with all black artists, so they’ve shoe-horned in white artists, even though they aren’t known as soul singers per se. Kelly Clarkson is a really good singer, but the poster above needs to get out more if he truly believes she’s better, or even equal, to the older artists cited. One day maybe I’ll understand why Florence Welch has a recording career, but no time soon. She simply cannot stay on pitch, which used to be a basic requirement for a singer. And Taylor Swift is ‘artist of the year’. Oh, well.

  4. Get over it…really you culturally deprived children…Michael Jackson is rolling in his grave to hear you say such crap about artists he thought were the best and emulated and loved and respected…Wrong demographic…and Yes I totally agree Kelly is amazing just ask her how despirately she wants to sing something with and she’ll tell you Sam Moore of Soul Man fame and legend…It’s so so sad that those who like yourselves have -0- understanding, appreciation and are so lacking in your education.
    Shame shame shame on you but hey as they say God takes care of babies and fools so there’s hope for ya’ll yet.

  5. I totally agree. Great article. Its no different then BET putting on Justin Beiber for an awards show and ignoring someone like Charlie Wilson who actually means something to our community. Shame on all of these shows who use “soul” and “R&B” and disrespect us with this like we are stupid. I will not be watching this nor BET until I see them paying attention to artists that are truly relevant and strike a chord with the “soul” community even if they are not the most popular in the white world. shame shame shame on the producers and executives

  6. Maybe she fits in less as a traditional R&B diva, and instead a primadonna Diva. if you know what she is like behind the scenes. How she worked with her label RCA and Clive… taking back room A&R’ing and going public like her label was anti-her. trying to make Clive look bad when all he was trying to do was help her.

    so… yeah Roger, she is a Diva in the worst way possible. lets not pay attn to her.

  7. Face it, it is all about TV ratings. They have already done Diana, Aretha, Tina, and I think, Whitney. The rest, though great, won’t bring viewers or ratings. Mary J and Jennifer Hudson make sense, but I don’t think Erykah Badu, Estelle or Marsha Ambrosius will bring ratings either. And, why on earth are they calling it “Soul Divas”? Kelly Clarkson is wonderful, but I don’t think even she would call herself a “soul diva.”

  8. Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly Clarkson is amazing and she could circles around most of those artists. She is a diva in her own right. Maybe not yours. Sorry.

  9. Roger, I think you’re showing your age. All those you named are soooooo yesterday. Who would watch that show with that perform list, other than people truely interested in that genre? Wrong demographic for one of the stations that used to be about music.

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